Jewel To Appear On ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ This Season, Find Out More Information

Singer Jewel is related to the Kilcher family on the hit show Alaska: The Last Frontier, but she is not on the show. Everyone has always wondered if this would happen someday and it turns out that Jewel will be on next season. WUSA9 shared the news that Jewel has actually been up there filming for the show along with her son. Jewel will have her son Kase with her as well so that she can show him how she grew up. Kase is Jewel’s son from her previous marriage to Ty Murray. It will be great to see Jewel and Kase on the show.

On the preview, Jewel is seen saying, “I grew up working cattle with my dad [Atz Kilcher]. I’m just real glad to be back.” It looks like Jewel is having a great time with her family. Jewel has always shared that she is proud of where she came from in Alaska. Jewel seems really happy to be back with her family once again.

So far, there is no word on how many episodes Jewel will be on or exact details, but fans can’t wait to find out. Back in July, The Inquisitr shared that Jewel was visiting her family in Alaska. This was probably when everything was filmed. This was the first time that Jewel had taken her son Kase to Alaska. Jewel and her family shared a bunch of pictures while she was there visiting. Fans were hopeful that this meant that Jewel would be on the show, but at the time the family was quiet about it all.

Alaska Dispatch News shared back in July all about Jewel’s new book that she just released. Her new book is called Never Broken. This is a tell-all book all about Jewel and her life. In this book, Jewel admits to a lot of things such as her mother leaving when Jewel was just eight years old. Jewel also talks about her father being physically abusive. Jewel sang in bars at a young age, but says this helped her to learn about avoiding alcohol and drugs. Jewel has been through a lot over the years, but it has all worked out for her.

When she was just 15, Jewel was out on her own and hitchhiking. She shared saying she, “was a kid on a dog sled in the Arctic Circle on my way to sing for Inuit villagers in the land of the midnight sun, a traveler in the desert running mules for the Havasupai Indian, a kid in the slums of Anchorage, a bar singer, a graduate of a prestigious fine arts school, a scared girl, a brave girl, a student of nature — all these impossible things were strung on the same thread that was me.”

When Jewel first got famous, her mother became her manager. This was the same mom that left her at a young age. She was living off of Jewel’s money, and things ended up going downhill. Now Jewel is in contact with her family in Alaska, but she has nothing to do with her mother. Jewel is now a divorced, single mother who is doing a great job with her son. Everyone is excited to see her on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Hopefully, Jewel will show up pretty early in the season, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Are you excited to see that Jewel will be on next season of Alaska: The Last Frontier? Do you think that Jewel will start showing up more often? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Jewel on Alaska: The Last Frontier when it returns on October 2 on The Discovery Channel.

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