Kim Zolciak NFL Rumor: Did Kroy Actually Quit The NFL, And What About Their Money?

Kim Zolciak has been keeping somewhat quiet since the news broke last week that her husband, Kroy Biermann, had been cut from the Buffalo Bills. Just a few weeks back, Kim revealed that she felt blessed, as Kroy was signed to the Bills after being released from the Atlanta Falcons. And she spread plenty of joy on social media, as she revealed that she had a special bond to Buffalo and that she was excited to get there to watch a few games during this upcoming season.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is causing some confusion about her husband’s role with the Buffalo Bills. The official news revealed that Kroy had been cut along with several other players, as the team had to let go about 20 plays to make the final roster for the season. And while many people accepted the fact that he had been cut, Kim’s Instagram post about following your heart has made some people question whether Biermann just walked away from the NFL to be with his family.

“Too bad everyone in the world doesn’t have the heart of a child! #WhenYouFollowYourHeart #YouAreAlwaysRight #WeLoveYouDaddy,” Kim Zolciak revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of one of her sons hugging Kroy.

“So does the hashtag #WhenYouFollowYourHeart mean Kroy actually left the Bills to come home for his kids??” one person questioned.

That inquiry started a long list of comments about how the league was lying about Kroy being cut and how Kim Zolciak was setting the record straight about his decision to leave the league.

But many people, who have been following Kim Zolciak and her family over the years, didn’t see a reason why the NFL would lie about cutting him, as opposed to him leaving the league on his own accord. Plus, the entire family did seem excited about the possibility of him playing in Buffalo, including their many trips there in the future.

“You are assuming that’s what she means. The team itself said they cut him in their released statement. They have zero reason to lie,” one person wrote on her Instagram post to set the record straight. “He was cut, that is the truth. End of story.”

Despite him being cut from the team, it sounds like many people are supportive of Zolciak and her family. It is clear that her children are excited about Biermann being home this season. Other people guessed that he would probably get signed to another team, even though the new season starts this upcoming Thursday.

“So sad for Kroy!! He is such a great man and will be on to bigger and better things! All the best to you and your sweet family!!” one person wrote to her, while another added, “I know those babies are so happy to have their daddy home. Everything happens for a reason…good luck to Kroy! Have a good weekend.”

Zolciak has been standing by her husband throughout this whole thing despite the emotional rollercoaster it has been, according to Us Weekly. Now that he isn’t playing in the NFL anymore, some people were wondering how Kim Zolciak’s lifestyle would be maintained, since millions of dollars wouldn’t be added to their bank accounts. Some people guessed that they had $4 million in their accounts and that Bravo wasn’t paying them enough per season of Don’t Be Tardy to make ends meet. There was plenty of speculation, but some people found the money comments downright rude and unnecessary.

“Did someone just really tell you to stop spending so much money?????? Last I’m pretty sure Kim and kroy know how to budget their home,” one person wrote after reading some harsh comments about the couple’s finances, which prompted other people to write, “they have enough in the bank and don’t need to work anyway. They’re set for life” and “Kim and Kroy are wealthy and set for life. They don’t need to risk his health playing in the NFL.”

Do you think Kim Zolciak’s husband was cut from the NFL?

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