Carlton Gebbia Divorce: Was She Completely Blindsided By Husband?

Carlton Gebbia announced a few weeks ago that she and her husband, David Gebbia, would be separating after 18 years of marriage. While Carlton was filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it appeared that things were going well in their marriage, and she was doing everything possible to keep him happy at home. And unlike so many other Real Housewives divorces, this one doesn’t seem dramatic at all. In fact, Gebbia is now opening up about her decision to end her marriage, sharing that it was a mutual decision that she felt was necessary for them to move on.

According to a new People report, Carlton Gebbia is now revealing why she and her husband was splitting up and how they are living together under one roof. Gebbia and her husband have three children together — Destiny, 14, Mysteri, 12, and Cross, 5 — and they are determined to remain a family even though Carlton and David are no longer in love.

“It was never a verbal decision between him and I. It just sort of happened naturally. It was a gradual breakup of our relationship over a period of time,” Carlton Gebbia revealed to People magazine recently, adding that the divorce just happened slowly over a long period of time.

In the interview with People, Gebbia explains that she has gone through every emotion possible after deciding with her husband that the marriage was no longer working. As she explains, she loves her husband, but she’s no longer in love with him. And it seemed to be same from his perspective. But just because Carlton Gebbia no longer has romantic feelings for her husband doesn’t mean she wants to split up the family. Gebbia and her husband are determined to live together for their children.

“This man was my soulmate for 20 years and never would I have imagined this. He was my everything, but we’ve been together a long time…. [It] is wonderful now to know that we can still continue to be partners because we had always worked so well together in the past,” Carlton Gebbia explained during her interview.

When Gebbia previously announced the divorce news, she revealed that she and David would continue to co-parent and would be living under the same roof, according to an older People article. Now, Carlton is opening up about their decision, which does seem rather interesting, considering many people would want to move on.

“We just put our conflicts aside and knew that we owed them answers, otherwise they would start imagining the worst and, God forbid, start blaming themselves. What we did decide together was we told them that we weren’t going to get divorced; we would continue to live as a family under the same roof; and although that we weren’t in love anymore, it didn’t mean that we didn’t love one another,” Carlton explained about their decision to live in the same house, sharing that her children are relieved that they won’t have to live in two homes.

“I think it was one of the most heartbreaking things that when we did tell them this that I just remember seeing the relief in their faces,” Carlton Gebbia revealed in regards to sharing the divorce news with her children. “It was really very painful to watch because it’s the realization that this was the right thing for us.”

Are you surprised that Carlton Gebbia and her husband are working to keep the family unit together even though they are no longer in love? How long do you think this set-up will work, given that one or both of them may start dating other people?

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