‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Marries Jason, Elizabeth And Hayden Are In Crisis, And Morgan’s Behavior Raises Concerns

General Hospital spoilers tease that a big week of action is on the way. Jason and Sam are getting married, and Spinelli is officiating the ceremony. Alexis is falling apart, and there is chaos on the way for both Elizabeth and Hayden. What else can everybody expect from the episodes airing during the week of September 5?

There is an encore episode of GH airing on Monday, but the action kicks back into gear on Tuesday’s show. Fans may be worried that something will go wrong during Sam and Jason’s wedding, but General Hospital spoilers have indicated that the two will manage to happily wed without any interruptions. However, Alexis’ drinking is becoming a problem, and Soap Central notes that she will be going overboard soon. Will Alexis simply make an embarrassing scene, or will her downward spiral lead to someone getting hurt?

Hayden has been arrested for pushing Elizabeth down the stairs and General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps share that Naomi will be trying to be there to support her daughter. Franco has been right by Elizabeth’s side as she works on her recovery, but Wednesday’s show brings an emergency of some sort for her.

While Jason remains skeptical of the changes in Franco, it seems that he will continue to support Elizabeth and will ultimately make a request of someone. It looks like Elizabeth will need blood from a relative and Franco will be asking Hayden for help, but she will want something in return.

There is trouble ahead for Ava, as General Hospital spoilers note that she will be watching something troubling play out that she is responsible for orchestrating. It sounds as if this is related to Morgan, his medications, and some frightening behavior he demonstrates. Ava has been determined to drive Kiki and Morgan apart, but will she have gone too far? Sonny will cross paths with Ava at some point and becomes suspicious over something, and viewers will see Dillon looking ahead rather than in the past.

Spinelli has an interesting tidbit of some nature to share with Sam, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be encouraging Franco to come clean on some matter. Curtis uncovers something potentially juicy that leads to a shift of sorts, and Robert will be sharing some potentially life-changing news with Lulu and Dante. Carly makes Nelle an offer that will surely keep her around Port Charles and the family for the near future, and viewers have a hunch that there is a twisted secret set to be revealed regarding these two not too far down the road.

Sabrina and Michael have been working on restarting their relationship, but Joe’s arrival in town has made things a bit complicated on this front. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be feeling suspicious over something early in the week. It looks like Sabrina is getting too close to figuring out that Paul is the serial killer and many fans suspect that she is about to be killed off by him.

There is trouble on the horizon for Curtis and Valerie’s relationship, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Griffin will reach out to Maxie to apologize. The show may only be airing four new episodes during the week of September 5, but there is plenty of action on the way, and fans will not want to miss a moment of the drama.

Do Jason and Sam happily wed without complications? Do Lulu and Dante get bad news from Robert, and if so, what do they do next? Will Elizabeth recover and can Hayden prove her innocence? Will Paul kill Sabrina to keep his secret safe? General Hospital spoilers promise that there are big twists and turns on the way and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next.

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