‘Bachelor In Paradise’ News: One Celebrity Reveals Carly Waddell Is Faking It With Evan Bass

It is almost time for the big finale of Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone is curious how things will end with Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. At the start of the show, Carly wasn’t that into him, but since then she has started to really fall for Evan. Wet Paint shared that one celebrity, who knows a lot about relationships, is speaking out and says that Carly is faking it with Evan.

Wet Paint spoke to Patti Stanger, the star of Million Dollar Matchmaker and she had a lot to say about the rest of the couples on Bachelor in Paradise. When it comes to Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, Patti does not see this as a couple that is going to last. She actually thinks that Carly is faking the relationship with him for a paycheck. Here is what Patti had to say.

“I know that Carly is just faking it so she has a rose for the entire season. She’s getting paid. This is a TV show, they have a plan.”

Carly Waddell has spent plenty of time on reality TV. Carly was on The Bachelor and is now on her second season of Bachelor in Paradise. Her brother Zach was on the show before she was ever on it. It isn’t like Carly Waddell is new to reality television and wouldn’t know how to work things a bit.

Patti also shared that she wasn’t sure about Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, but at first, she was sure they would make it. When it comes to Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, she said that Josh creeps her out. Patti went on to say, “She has kids. I wouldn’t move the guy into the house when she has kids right away without there being a marriage situation. I feel like he’s going to move in, taste the goods, lay on the charm, and not pay the rent.”

The thing is Reality Steve has already spoiled this season, and if he is right, then Carly Wadell is not faking it at all. Huge spoilers are coming ahead. At the end of this season, Carly and Evan will be one of the remaining couples. They are given the chance to go on an overnight date, kind of like the fantasy dates on The Bachelor, and Evan and Carly will take up this offer. They go on the date together, and things go great.

Steve shared that in the end the guys will meet with Neil Lane and pick out a ring if they are ready to propose. Evan Bass will end up proposing to Carly Waddell, and she says “yes.” These two are still together when the show ends. Since Bachelor in Paradise was over, Carly did share a picture on social networks that showed that she was in Evan’s kitchen. The thing is Carly and Evan both live in Nashville, so this makes their relationship a lot easier to carry on than some of the others.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been spotted out together more than once and not been shy about the fact that they are still together. Carly and Evan have been staying inside if they are still together and are leaving it all a mystery. The fans can’t wait to get an update from these two when the finale actually airs, and they are allowed to talk about their future together.

Are you shocked to hear what Patti Stanger had to say about Carly Wadell and Evan Bass’ relationship? Do you think that she is right about Carly? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the last few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

Update: It really does look like they are living together!

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