‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ivy Settles In, Quinn’s Schemes Continue, And Bill And Brooke’s Engagement Moves Ahead

What can everybody expect from Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that Ivy will become suspicious of Quinn’s schemes while Brooke shares the news with Ridge regarding her engagement. Bill is anxious to marry his love, but will he see this come together as he is envisioning? The September 5 show has plenty of drama incorporated, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

As everybody saw last week, Bill finalized his divorce from Katie and immediately proposed to Brooke. Granted, there is a bit of an incentive built into this proposal, as he has said that he will hand over his shares of Forrester Creations if she marries him. Brooke has accepted, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that she will quickly send Ridge word of her decision to say yes to Bill’s proposal.

Ridge may be looking at this as a plan to win control of Forrester Creations and keep Quinn away from the business and the family, but there are strong, lingering feelings between him and Brooke. On top of that, Katie has been nudging him to make a move before it is too late. He seems to be brushing this off for the most part, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he may not have much time to come to his senses.

Bill will be pushing for a quick wedding, and viewers will be interested to see how Brooke proceeds here. Of course, she does love Bill, and that love is what generated such chaos with Katie. However, her reason for being so quick to accept this proposal is business-related, as she is working with Ridge regarding a Forrester Creations takeover. Will she end up winning on all fronts here, with the business win and the love of her life marrying her? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there are some twists ahead on this front that may well shake this triangle up significantly.

Ivy is back in Los Angeles, and she went straight to Quinn to try to get her job back. It took only moments for Quinn to seize this opportunity, and she thinks that she can use Ivy to help Wyatt in regards to the Steffy and Liam situation. Last week Quinn was giving Ivy a makeover, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that during Monday’s show, Ivy will push back on this as she realizes that she is being made over to look more like Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Ivy will connect with Eric during the next episode, sharing with him that she is back and looking to work with Quinn on the jewelry line as long as he is fine with it. Most would imagine that Eric will be eager to welcome her back, and at this point, he has no idea that his love is scheming to use this return to her advantage. In addition, Ridge has been determined to push Quinn away from his father, and it looks like he may be confronting her yet again during the next show.

As the week continues, Soap Central details that Brooke and Ridge’s son R.J. will return to Los Angeles from boarding school, and this return could shake things up a bit. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ivy will be crossing paths with both Liam and Steffy later in the week, and this will surely bring some fireworks. Will Quinn’s schemes to use Ivy to drive Liam and Steffy apart work? Will Bill get the marriage he envisions, or is he headed for disappointment?

Schemes are heating up, but not everybody’s plans will be successful, and fans will be curious to see who succeeds and who fails. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at angst and turmoil ahead, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

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