Steve Irwin: Death Could Have Been Prevented, New Autopsy Ordered?

Steve Irwin’s death could have been prevented, according to one source close to the “Crocodile Hunter.” As the family of Steve Irwin celebrates his life on the 10th anniversary of his death, a new report is out that says Irwin didn’t have to die. Investigators have allegedly reopened Steve Irwin’s case and ordered a new autopsy to try to uncover what really killed him on September 4, 2006.

Radar Online reports that Bindi Irwin recently took to her Twitter account to post a tribute to her late father. On Saturday, Bindi wrote that Steve Irwin would be her hero for her entire existence. The 18-year-old also shared a photo of Steve Irwin holding her as a baby and added that she loves him “more than words can describe.”

Across the world, similar tributes were made to Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter,” 10 years after his death, according to Yahoo! News on Sunday. The world was shocked in 2006 when Irwin was pierced in the chest by a stingray while filming a documentary titled Ocean’s Deadliest. The documentary lived up to its name, but “shock and distress” spread across the world after Steve Irwin was fatally stabbed hundreds of times, as reported by the Washington Post in 2014.

The last words Steve Irwin reportedly spoke were “I’m dying.” But new reports are saying that the true cause of Steve Irwin’s death was covered up 10 years ago. As an experienced wildlife expert who traveled around the world handling dangerous animals for years, Irwin should have known what precautions to take around a deadly stingray. At the time, Steve Irwin’s death was ruled an accident, but an insider close to Irwin has now come forth to say that foul play may have been involved.

Video footage of Steve Irwin’s final moments in the ocean at Batt Reef, near the town of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia, reveals that the Animal Planet star snuck up on a stingray from above and behind. Death by a stingray barb is reportedly rare, according to Science Line, but they can’t see their prey. The video shows that Irwin didn’t exactly provoke the stingray. However, the stingray that stabbed Steve Irwin to death more than likely could smell him and reacted in defense. says to always stay out of a stingray’s striking zone, which is the area directly above the stingray.

“The ray can easily strike in the area at the top of its back by arching its tail forward.”

Logically, Steve Irwin should have known to stay as far under the stingray as possible to avoid the 12-inch barbed stinger. But the source is saying that Irwin probably wasn’t using logic at the time and may have been under the influence of a hallucinogenic. USA Today reports that Irwin was, in fact, snorkeling “above the beast” during some downtime from filming the documentary.

Could Steve Irwin have also been using his downtime to partake in some “organically grown magic mushrooms,” as suggested by the source?

This is a question that investigators are now trying to find the answer to by allegedly exhuming Steve Irwin’s body for a new autopsy.

The source said, “Steve always mixed pleasure with his business, and this film shoot was supposed to be a laid back outing.”

“After downing mushrooms on the boat, Steve would have been tripping when he got in the water. Instead of avoiding the stingray, he might have thought, ‘Ooh, wow!’ and swam toward the beast, scaring it.”

According to Radar Online, Steve Irwin’s original autopsy reports were never released, and the “Crocodile Hunter” was actually buried in secret days following his death. The video footage was also destroyed by Irwin’s family. Rumors are now swirling 10 years later that Steve Irwin’s family actually knew he was under the influence of hallucinogens when he died, but they didn’t want that story to come out.

Paramedics said that nothing could be done to save Steve Irwin, since he was pierced right through the heart, so The Blemish is now asking why, after a decade, his death inquest has to be reopened?

Investigators reportedly want to perform a special test that will detect the presence of psychedelic compounds. If test results come back positive for psychedelic mushroom use, investigators say there’s a chance Steve Irwin didn’t take them willingly, and someone may have dosed him “without his knowledge.”

Some fans of Steve Irwin and his long-running show, The Crocodile Hunter, are saying the rumor is absurd and reopening the case would just reopen wounds for his family. Other fans are saying that Irwin’s family may want to know if he was murdered.

But, according to Steve Irwin’s father, Bob Irwin, his son did live with chronic pain. The Age reported in 2007 that Steve Irwin had lived with chronic pain caused by broken bones from wrestling crocodiles and other creatures for years. In fact, Bob Irwin said that Steve was in pain nearly 100 percent of the time. So, while the new reports may just be rumors, it’s not unheard of for someone to take psilocybin mushrooms for pain relief, according to WebMD.

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