‘Greenleaf’ Finale Recap: Numerous Hints Leave Tons Of Questions To Be Answered In Season 2

The first season of Greenleaf concluded on Wednesday, August 31. Like most finales, fans expected a blowout episode that would answer many of the questions that have been left unanswered.

In fact, Greenleaf actress Merle Dandridge, who portrays Grace Greenleaf, told fans to expect an explosive end to the first season during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She also revealed details about the blowout argument between sisters Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) and Mavis (Oprah Winfrey).

“The two sisters go head to head, and it’s explosive,” Dandridge said. “They’re two power houses, and collide in such an incredible way.”

So, of course, fans were ready for the heated episode. However, for many Greenleaf fans, the finale did very little justice when it came to answering many of the questions that have lingered throughout the season.

The season finale was only an introduction to Season 2. Although many fans took to Facebook with their opinion of the episode and insisted that it was extremely slow for a season finale, those who took a second look at the episode noticed there were many hints dropped that only added more suspense.

“This last episode will whet the appetite for how much story we have to tell next season.”

The episode began with Grace embroiled in a heated custody battle with Sophia’s father. Unfortunately, Grace lost full custody, and Sophia was forced to return to Phoenix with her father for the summer.

However, in the midst of all the custody confusion, Grace crossed paths with her grandfather at the church. Since Mac was taking care of him before his arrest, he informed Grace he’d need help now that his son was incarcerated.

Grace’s newfound connection with her grandfather opened a door to more Greenleaf family secrets. Why does Mac take care of his father out of guilt? What else could he have possibly done to feel so indebted to his father? The episode also shed light on Jacob’s budding theology career as a senior pastor at Triumph. He was given an offer to preach at Triumph’s upcoming facility, and it was revealed that the new construction would be built on a property across the street from Calvary — a property his father refused to purchase.

The bishop’s adamant refusal to purchase the property also raises questions. Since the massive piece of land was being sold by the city at an extremely low price, why wouldn’t the Bishop want to buy it? But aside from Jacob’s big career moves, there’s another issue he could be facing soon: Kerissa’s involvement with a fellow teacher. The seemingly odd acquaintance raises questions about whether Kerissa’s been having an affair all along.

Then, of course, there’s the massive secret the bishop is hiding. At the end of the episode, Greenleaf fans received a jaw-dropping surprise when Mac returned home from prison unexpectedly.

The smug serial rape suspect approached the house with confidence and planted a chilling kiss on his sister’s cheek that left fans reeling before the credits started rolling. What could possibly make the bishop want to help Mac after shooting him? By now, most Greenleaf fans know Mac was accused of raping the bishop and Lady Mae’s daughter. The bishop wanted revenge, but now he’s suddenly willing to comply with Mac. Whatever information Mac has must be quite detrimental to the bishop’s reputation and the church.

But, unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Greenleaf returns for Season 2. Now, the question is how long will the show take to return. Well, there’s a possibility that fans may not have to wait too long.

According to Deadline, the OWN network made an unexpected move to renew the show for a second season before the first episode premiered. Back in April, it was confirmed that the second season would consist of 16 episodes instead of 13 like the first season. As expected, Greenleaf far exceeded expectations by breaking network records left and right.

Hopefully, the swift renewal and first season success will lead to an expedited delivery of Season 2, because fans are already ready for the drama to continue!

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