Mother Teresa Remains An Inspiration To All: Archbishop Vigneron Quotes The Saint ‘Find Your Own Calcutta’

Mother Teresa,”saint of the gutters,” as she was dubbed recently by the Pope according to the Inquisitr, has been an inspiration to all, not just Catholics and not just Christians. Most Catholic and non-Catholic Teresa admirers appreciate that the Catholic Church recognized the faithful Mother as a saint, but many recognized it long before now, if in a more unofficial way.

Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit recognized the famous Mother of Calcutta officially in the service held at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Sunday. His message was reported by Detroit News. Vigneron told a story of Saint Teresa, which is a call to action to all the benevolent and gentle people of this world.

Mother Teresa saint of the gutters, remains inspirational to all those who want to do God’s work or to simply do good in the world. It was one such lady that was the source of his beautiful story.

According to Archbishop Vigneron, Sister Mary Johnice traveled to Calcutta back in the 1980s upon completion of her seminary school because she wanted to work with Saint Teresa in Calcutta. When Sister Mary Johnice asked Mother Teresa if she could join her work in Calcutta, the young nun was stunned at the wise response.

“She said to me, ‘No, I want you to go back to your neighborhood, find the poor, find your own Calcutta. I said, ‘Mother, how do you do that?’ She said, ‘You look at the people, look into their eyes and find Jesus. Those will be the poor.'”

Mother Teresa, saint and a woman of great wisdom, didn’t want to make someone else follow her calling, but rather to find their own calling.

Sister Mary Johnice took the advice of a saint and ended up in Buffalo, New York, where she founded the Response to Love Center, according to WIVB News 4. Sister Mary has her own ministry now and is highly recognized. She has even met the Pope. She has had an amazing life and also been a great inspiration to those around her, and a tremendous help to the poor.

Sisters of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in prayer in the chapel of the Mother House, Kolkata, India. [Photo by Zvonimir Atletic/Shutterstock]
Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit suggested that everyone has their own calling, and everyone should “find their own Calcutta.” If one wants to do good in the world than one must seek guidance from within, and listen to that “still small voice.” Vigneron said it this way.

“Ask where are you sending me to be a missionary of love? We must do that, each of us.”

Mother Teresa saint of the gutters, spoke a transcending and universal truth that one has to find one’s own path and follow it. There are certainly enough needs in the world that need filling, so that everyone who wants a job serving God or mankind can find room without having any redundancy.


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Mother Teresa saint of the gutters knew that not everyone is called to help the poor in Calcutta, India. Some, like Sister Mary Johnice, are called to New York, but not everyone needs to rush to New York either. There are people in every corner of the world who need food, resources, basic care, love, and attention. Most of the time people don’t have to go far at all to find someone in need of help.

Mother Teresa Statue [Photo by Baker-Jarvis/iStock]
Saint Teresa made another point as well. What she said about Jesus reflecting back from the eyes of others. She was speaking about the compassion she felt for others, and also the respect and love. Everyone is valuable and deserving of brotherly love.

Mother Teresa saint of the gutters has been so named by the Church, but what she did for Sister Mary Johnice as told by Archbishop Vigneron proves she is a saint to those called to help as well.

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