Song Hye-kyo Faces Tough Competition From Chinese Actress Zheng Shuang

The battle between Song Hye-kyo and Zheng Shuang has officially begun, and fans are anxious.

It’s a nail-biting moment for Song Hye-kyo. The grand finale of Goddess of Asia is nearing, and the actress is facing tough competition from Chinese actress Zheng Shuang.

On September 25, China will declare this year’s Goddess of Asia.

For the past few weeks, Song Hye-kyo was in the top spot, and fans were expecting the Descendants of the Sun actress to win the previous round. Unfortunately, she has now slid down to the second position.

Check Song Hye-kyo’s current ranking here.

Leading the race right now is 25-year-old Zheng Shuang. She was educated at the Beijing Film Academy. Her hobbies include dancing, running, and playing the piano. Zheng Shuang speaks English and Mandarin. The first time she performed on stage was when she was 4.

If rumors were to be believed, Song Hye-kyo’s Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Joong-ki was to pair with Zhen Shuang for a Chinese drama.

Before the Hallyu ban in China, reported that Song Joong-ki has been receiving a lot of calls for Chinese projects. One among them was You, The Scent of Love. According to news reports, actress Zheng Shuang was named the possible female lead. Moreover, a few crew members from Descendants of the Sun were also slated to work on the project, stated Soompi.

The fact that Song Hye-kyo was not involved irked some fans, and they soon began drawing comparisons between Song Hye-kyo and Zheng Shuang.

“I really can’t bear with Zheng Shuang’s acting and lines. Don’t ruin Song Joong Ki and this drama, as well as Korean actors’ acknowledgement of China’s drama industry,” lamented a fan on Cnetzsays, a blog that covers Korean and Chinese entertainment.

“Zhuang Shuang is too different from Song Hye Kyo… What a lousy female lead! I can’t stand it, later on our god will think that all Chinese actresses are like that and have poor acting skills! Embarrassing!” said another fan.

However, there has been no word on this drama yet. The last time Song Joong-ki issued a statement about this Chinese project was on June 11 during a fan meeting in Hong Kong. Song Joong-ki had remarked that the Chinese projects will have to wait until he completes the filming of his upcoming South Korean movie, Battleship Island.

Coming back to the career performance meters of Song Hye-kyo and Zheng Shuang, the latter seems to be more involved in projects.

After the popularity of the romantic movie Love O2O, the TV series version of the youth campus love story recently started airing on Dragon TV. Zheng Shuang plays the leading lady and stars alongside Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang. The drama depicts the vivid campus life and emotions of college students in China.

However, this does not mean that Song Hye-kyo is not career-centric. In fact, she is more choosy about her roles and is not in a rush to take up any project that comes her way.

Despite Song Hye-kyo being low-key, fans of the Descendants of the Sun actress are fighting hard to make her win. Every day, Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to Song Hye-kyo actively reach out to fans to make sure the actress gets her votes.

The good news is that Song Hye-kyo has already made it to the top 10.

According to Chinese website, the top 10 will be featured on the cover page of a top Chinese magazine in addition to having the status established across all of Asia for the year.

With a loyal fan base, one could hope that the Descendants of the Sun actress will certainly wear the Goddess of Asia crown this year.

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