Some Michael Jackson Fans Think Singer Is Alive, Claim That Paris Jackson Has Provided Photographic Proof

Michael Jackson has been the subject of a few reverse celebrity death hoaxes recently — instead of claiming that a still-living star is dead, Jackson fans are asserting that the singer is still alive. The King of Pop is quickly becoming the Elvis Presley of this generation’s conspiracy theorists.

The latest “evidence” that Michael Jackson truthers are using to make their case is a selife taken by Michael’s 18-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson. According to the Sun, some fans of Michael believe that the late star can be seen lurking behind his daughter in one of her Instagram selfies. In the photo, which was posted back in March, Paris is wearing a straw hat and sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

“If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own,” she captioned the picture.

Some of Paris Jackson’s Instagram followers are convinced that Michael was sleeping in the backseat of the car when she snapped her selfie.

“Is that Michael in the back of the car?” one fan commented.

“Michael i knew it??? please come back the world needs you more than ever,” another wrote.

Many conspiracy theorists commented that they could make out Michael Jackson’s fedora in the background of the picture, and a few of them mentioned a viral YouTube video that makes the same claim. The creator of the video digitally edited Paris Jackson’s photo by adding Michael’s face to the dark silhouette in the backseat.

The YouTube video has been viewed over half a million times.

Skeptics responded to excited Michael fans by arguing that the black shadow in the backseat of Paris’ vehicle could be any number of different things. Some said that the “fedora” looks more like a headrest to them, and others speculated that the black figure is a pile of bags or sheets, a person wearing a hat who is not Michael Jackson, or a dog.

“How the hell can anyone imagine there is a person in the backseat? Tf is wrong with people?” one of Paris’ followers wrote.

“Omg stop this now people! I don’t even know what there is to say to articulate how ridiculous this is. must be upsetting for Paris to read these comments,” another fan commented.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, conspiracy theorists have created numerous websites and blogs dedicated to proving that Michael is still alive. They document “sightings” of the pop star and offer theories about how he possibly faked his death and why he would have done such a thing.

According to Metro, some Jackson fans thought that the pop star was alive and watching Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game back in April when a tweet about the Lakers star was posted on Michael Jackson’s verified Twitter account.

“‘I thought I was working hard until I met him!”‘ – @kobebryant on MJ. Congrats to Kobe as he retires from the @Lakers!'” the tweet read.

It should be fairly obvious that someone else has the keys to the Michael Jackson Twitter account, which was actually created a few weeks after the singer’s death in 2009.

However, some Jackson fans insist that there’s other proof that the legendary performer didn’t die of a drug overdose at age 50. According to the Sunday Express, they believe that Michael can be seen sitting behind his father, Joe Jackson, in a photo of an audience that was taken earlier this year. The picture appears in another YouTube video that aims to convince viewers that the singer is alive. However, skeptical YouTube commenters have pointed out that the person in the audience photo doesn’t look much like Michael at all.

There might not be any real proof that the King of Pop is alive, but the fact that the video above has been viewed over two million times is proof that the lack of hard evidence isn’t stopping Michael Jackson truthers from dreaming.

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