Apple Maps For iOS 6 Drops To 4% Usage

Apple iOS 6 users are not happy with Apple Maps and that point was delivered soundly to Apple on Sunday when one study discovered that Apple Maps usage has fallen to 4% of iOS 6 users.

The numbers for Apple Maps usage were pulled by data management company Snappli which noted a huge decrease in the number of Apple Maps users since the same period last week. The company notes that 4% usage is far below former Google Maps use on the device.

To determine the number of users taking advantage of Apple Maps the company looked at data usage from 5,000 Snappli users following the release of iOS 6 on September 19. The company first discovered that 64 percent of its users had migrated to iOS 6 in the US and UK.

Before the migration 25 percent of Snappli users were utilizing Google Maps at least one time per day. After the release of iOS 6 that number actually jumped to 35 percent for Apple Maps users, only to plummet after they recognized large shortcomings in the Apple Maps product.

While Snappli users have chosen en masse to abandon the Apple Maps software the company does not necessarily speak for the population at large since the app serves a very specific subset of users.

Apple in the meantime has promised to fix the various issues associated with Apple Maps while Google is likely to pounce on the horrendous nature of the mapping software by combining Google Maps and Google Earth into a fluid mobile app that provides better directions and more vivid maps.

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