‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 11 ‘BB18’ Veto Results, Final Nominations For Eviction Highlight Live Feed Update

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the live feeds haven’t held as much excitement for the BB18 house as in past weeks. That could be due to the winner of the Week 11 Head of Household already dictating which duo was about to get broken up. The CBS live feeds do reveal that the final nominations for eviction are set, though, with the Veto results already shown as well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was Victor Arroyo who again won the HOH, closely defeating Natalie Negrotti, Paul Abrahamian, and Corey Brooks to take the power for the week.

Staying loyal to a final four deal that Victor and Paul had made with Corey and Nicole Franzel, Victor nominated James Huling and Natalie for eviction. There has been no drama inside the BB18 house since the nominations took place back on Friday (September 2), but rather a certain level of acceptance that the show hasn’t had this summer. Natalie and James knew that their fates were sealed, making it only a matter of time until one-half of the “showmance” was going to be the newest member of the BB18 jury.

The final six houseguests all participated in the Week 11 Veto competition on Saturday, September 3, revealing the latest installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers. Corey Brooks emerged with another Veto win, with the obvious prediction that nominations are now going to remain the same. Corey and Nicole don’t really have an opportunity to flip the BB18 house, as if Corey saves either James or Natalie, then Victor is just going to use Nicole as the replacement nominee. That wouldn’t help anyone, so this is going to be the official end of “Jatalie” on Big Brother 18.

There had been a lot of talk between James Huling and Natalie Negrotti about how the Power of Veto might get used. If James won it, he said that he was going to use it on Natalie, while Natalie stated that she would use it on James if she were to win the power. Both houseguests declined to have the power used on them should the opportunity present itself, but now the choice has been taken out of their hands. Maybe that will be easier on the friendship between them moving forward.

On Thursday night (September 8), Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel will have to decide whether to evict James Huling or Natalie Negrotti. There have already been preliminary discussions between the trio, possibly yielding further Big Brother 18 spoilers in the process. They can decide to evict the better player this season (James) or simply keep him in the BB18 house longer because they enjoy hanging out with him. Victor Arroyo, who is still the Head of Household, wants to make sure that James isn’t the one who evicts him in the end.

The upcoming Big Brother 18 schedule dictates a quicker pace to the game over the next few weeks. The BB18 season finale is on Wednesday, September 21, so they are running out of time to get the houseguests down to a final two. As advertised by CBS, next week, there is going to be a fast forward put into play, with an eviction taking place on Monday, September 12 and then again on Wednesday, September 14. That will decide the three people playing for the $500,000 prize from summer 2016.

So who is going to become the sixth member of the BB18 jury? That information may not be set until after the Week 11 Veto ceremony takes place on Monday, September 5. The four houseguests in power have no reason to rush the decision, as they have won the power to decide who joins them in the final five. The decision could provide more interesting Big Brother 18 spoilers in the coming days, but it won’t change the fact that either Natalie Negrotti or James Huling is getting evicted next.

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