Kylie Jenner’s Weight Loss ‘CoolSculpting’ Look-A-Like Bikini Billboard Model Gets DoctorFatOff.Com Buzz

Kylie Jenner has a very distinctive look, as seen in the following photos of Kylie in a photo gallery that displays Jenner’s recent endeavors. However, a new billboard photo seemingly starring a bikini-clad Jenner is bringing big buzz — and the wrath of the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

However, a new photo that some might assume displays Kylie in a bikini promoting the CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is getting lots of buzz — because it stars a model that only looks like Jenner.

According to the Daily Mail, Kylie has tapped legal help to combat the company using a Jenner look-a-like to promote their services. It doesn’t mean that the CoolSculpting firm made the decision to use the photo of a model that looked like Kylie. Instead, it likely is the webmaster or owner behind the company used the image, which can also be found on the website.

As reported by TMZ, Kylie’s lawyers will tell the company to cease and desist from using models that look like Jenner — since Kylie wouldn’t want her fans to think she uses services that she doesn’t. Kylie would more often than not, want to make her own deals with the products and services she uses and cut her own promotional deals.

The billboard popped up in Los Angeles this weekend — and now the people behind the billboard are being accused of trying to make people think Kylie is promoting the fat-loss service. Since Jenner is well known for her fabulous figure, it’s no wonder the marketers would want to use a bikini model that looks like Kylie.

According to Who Is, the website was launched only a few months ago — on May 26. The address associated with the website leads to a California address associated with homes worth nearly $2 million.

The photo of the Kylie look-a-like bikini model (named Casandra in the image title) is still on the website as of this writing. It is a website that is likely getting loads of free advertising and attention, due to the controversy. The website lists a variety of locations for their CoolSculpting services in California.

Whether or not the Jenner-Kardashian Family will get the billboard of the Kylie look-a-like removed remains to be seen. The courts might have to decide whether the company used an innovative marketing strategy or deceptive practices.

As reported by Real Self, CoolSculpting is a procedure that costs an average of $2,250 — and 83 percent of the people who have received the fat-freezing service say it is worth the money. Plenty of before-and-after photos show subtle changes of body parts that have been treated with CoolSculpting that appear to have reduced fat and tightened the skin on stomachs, arms, thighs and other body regions.

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Feedback online about the Kylie melee can be read from sample comments below.

“She needs to ‘face’ it, there is no lawsuit here.”

“Maybe the problem is that this model looks more like Kylie than Kylie does.”

“It’s kind of ironic that someone with so much surgery has a problem with someone who looks similar to them promoting surgery.”

“Could Kanye be sued for using other celebrities likeness in that big bed without their permission…. Don’t think so.”

“It doesn’t use her name and it isn’t her image.”

“So no one can look like somebody whose looks are already artificial? Is a knock off suing a knock off?”

“Why isn’t Kim suing Kylie for the same reason then?”

“So you can’t earn a living if you look like Kylie? What a bunch of b s.”

“Which one is older? Whoever has had the face the longest wins.”

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