‘Nazotokine’ Puzzle-Solving Anime Announced, Will Premier This Coming October On Tokyo MX

It was recently announced that Nazotokine, an upcoming anime that centers on puzzle solving, will be making its premier very soon. As a matter of fact, it will be very soon as the announcement gave the specific date of October 5 on Tokyo MX.

The news of Nazotokine releasing on October 5 at Tokyo MX was made known on its official Twitter feed. According to the tweet, not only will the anime debut on the aforementioned date, but will then air on Tochigi TV the next day.

Many details were provided for the puzzle-solving anime in which its name “Nazo-toki” refers to stories related and centered on puzzle solving. According to Japanese anime news outlet Ota-Suke translated through the Anime News Network, Naoya Fukushi — well-known for CGI direction and 3D work in animes like Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach — created the original concept and will be directing it at Tengu Kobou.

Naoya Fukushi worked on many other animes before starting the original concept of ‘Nazotokine.’ One popular anime he has worked on was ‘Tokyo Ghoul.’ [Image via Studio Pierrot]
Hitomi Takano will be designing the characters for Nazotokine. Hiroyuki Moriyama — known for direction in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and 3D animation and photography in Black Butler — will serve as chief director of photography. Hiroaki Yabunaka is handling sound effects, and Hikaru Nakatsugawa is producing. Y?ki Hasegawa, a nationally-ranked shogi player, and Ayumi Masui are collaborating together on the scenario writing. Finally, Takanori Morita of Dream Vision is collaborating the designing of the puzzles to solve.

Eventually, Tengu Kobou would open an official website for Nazotokine. In the details, more information was provided, including the names of characters and their voice actors. So far, there are six voice actors, but only five characters have been announced. Tokine Amino will be voiced by Natsuko Hara. Hacchn will be voiced by Sora Tokui. Ky?ka Mizukami will be voiced by Eriko Matsui. Yoshie Yamasumi will be voiced by Sarara Yashimi. Finally, Natsuko Yanagisawa will be voiced by Mikoi Sasaki. According to a recent announcement, Emi Nitta will also join the voice cast but her character has not yet been announced.

‘Nazotokine’ will be a puzzle-solving anime. It’s title, ‘Nazo-kine’ is a term used to describe games centered on puzzle solving like the ‘Professor Layton’ series on Nintendo 3DS/DS. [Image via Level-5]
At this very moment, very little is known about the plot or direction Nazotokine will follow. However, the anime’s name, which is directly associated with “Nazo-toki,” refers to stories that center on puzzle solving.

A great example to fall back on would be the Professor Layton series of video games available on the Nintendo 3DS/DS systems. For those unfamiliar with it, the Professor Layton series follows the adventures of Professor Layton and his protege, a gentleman in training, Luke Triton. There are a total of six games in the main series which includes Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Professor Layton and the Last Spectre, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.

There is also an iOS/Android game titled Layton Brothers: Mystery Room and a cross-over with Capcom’s Ace Attorney series titled Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Each title is based on a series of puzzles and mysteries given by the citizens for Professor Layton and Luke Triton to solve. In order for the story to progress, they must solve puzzles (or at least certain mandatory puzzles). During certain parts of the game, there are a minimum number of puzzles that need to be solved before continuing.

Anyways, if Nazotokine is going to be similar to any form of media out right now, it will be the Professor Layton series. However, until we get more information pertaining to Nazotokine, the aforementioned reference to the Professor Layton series is speculation.

[Image via Tengu Kobou]

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