‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Shares Custody Update On Jace And Kaiser

Jenelle Evans, court, and custody – these are a string of words Teen Mom 2 fans have gotten very used to hearing in the same sentence. The International Business Times reports that Jenelle is not only preparing to battle her mother for custody of her son Jace this fall, but she also has plans to take her ex Nathan Griffith back to court in order to reevaluate the previous custody arrangement they had established for their son Kaiser.

Teen Mom 2 star told Us Weekly that she is due in court in October of this year to fight for primary custody of her son Jace, who is now 7-years-old and currently in the custody of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans. Jenelle complained to Us Weekly that she has yet to have an actual court date about the issue of custody because her mother’s lawyer keeps finding ways to put things off. Evans hopes the entire issue regarding custody of her son Jace can be put behind her after several years of trying to debate the issue with her mother.

Jenelle Evans’ custody issues do not stop there, as she has made it clear she is reconsidering her current custody arrangement with her ex Nathan, who is the father of her 2-year-old son, Kaiser.

“We might have to go back to court,” Jenelle said.

At the time, she was commenting on the fact that her ex had recently been arrested for aggravated assault and battery. The couple had recently agreed on sharing custody of Kaiser. In May, it was revealed to Teen Mom 2 fans that Jenelle would have primary custody of baby Kaiser, while Nathan would receive three weekends a month with him. At the time, Nathan was also being required to pay back child support.

Currently, things are pretty unclear regarding where Jenelle’s custody issues will end when it comes to both Jace and Kaiser. While all this is happening, Jenelle is expecting baby number three with her current boyfriend, David Eason.

Teen Mom 2 fans may recall that Jenelle has been evading pregnancy rumors for a long time now. It was not until her and her boyfriend were in an accident and the police report from the accident got leaked on the internet that it was confirmed Jenelle was pregnant. Unfortunately for Jenelle, who was trying to keep her pregnancy a secret, the police report at the time revealed she was 10 weeks pregnant.

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Jenelle Evans expressed how annoyed and angry she was with the whole situation. However, it was not people finding out her secret that made her angry. It was the fact that people were more interested in her being pregnant than whether or not she and the baby were safe after the accident. Furthermore, Evans also made it clear she wasn’t a big fan of the Teen Mom 2 fan base being so excited to learn Chelsea, her co-star on the show, was expecting her second child while being so negative about the fact that Jenelle was expecting as well.

Most Teen Mom 2 fans would likely agree the different responses from Chelsea’s reveal and Jenelle’s reveal likely stem from the fact that Chelsea announced she is expected with her boyfriend who she was preparing to get married to while Jenelle revealed she was pregnant with her third child from yet another boyfriend.

Will Jenelle’s relationship with David last, or will she be a single mother of three? Will she get full custody of Kaiser given Nathan’s current criminal history? Finally, what is going to happen with Jace? Legally, does Barbara even have to give up custody of her grandson? Is Jenelle really ready to be the mother of three?

Ensley Jolie, Jenelle’s daughter, is due to arrive on January 28, 2017.

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