Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Headed For A Split? The Heartbreaking Reason They May Never Marry

Robert Pattinson’s future with FKA Twigs might be in jeopardy.

An inside source revealed to OK Magazine that the former Twilight star has been spending less and less time with his bride-to-be. Will his work and distance cause them to call off the wedding?

“It’s so sad but this romance is being starved into nonexistence,” the insider told the outlet. “They barely spend any time together these days and people are wondering if there’s ever going to be a wedding.”

Pattinson is currently working on a project in Utah that will keep him away from Twigs until the last week of September.

Due to Pattinson’s hectic filming schedule, their close friends are starting to worry about their future together.

“They hardly ever see each other at the moment and as much as they genuinely do love each other, it takes a very strong and rock-solid couple to survive these long distances,” the source explained.

Of course, with Pattinson’s relationship with Twigs on the verge of unraveling, many fans are holding out hope that he will reunite with Kristen Stewart.

However, Movie News Guide is reporting that fans might never see their hopes come to fruition.

In fact, both Stewart and Pattinson have moved on with their lives following their public breakup.

As fans will recall, Pattinson’s romance with his Twilight co-star fell apart after reports surfaced of her cheating with director Rupert Sanders.

While many fans blamed Stewart for the demise of the relationship, the actress recently defended herself and called attention to the uniqueness of her off-screen romance with Pattinson.

Despite the nature of their split, Stewart revealed that she and Pattinson are still friends and don’t harbor any ill-feelings towards each other.

In fact, Robert Pattinson was happy to learn about Stewart’s growing relationship with Alicia Cargile and had nothing but good things to say about his former girlfriend.

Whatever the reasons behind their breakup, Pattinson moved on to Twigs while Stewart has been linked with several different women, including Cargile and French singer Soko.

Stewart dated Soko for a short time before renewing her romance with Cargile, her long-time manager. For now, it appears as though their relationship is as solid as it’s ever been which doesn’t bode well for Twilight fans.

Meanwhile, the reports of Pattinson’s relationship woes have not been confirmed. In fact, neither Pattinson nor Twigs have addressed the rumors surrounding their engagement.

That being said, the pair has been planning on getting married for quite some time now and have yet to announce an official wedding date. Are the delays in wedding plans an indication of larger problems?

With Pattinson working on so many projects and Twigs expanding her career in music, it is unclear if the two will ever find the time to tie the knot.

According to Game N Guide, the added stress of planning a wedding has put more strain on Pattinson’s relationship with Twigs.

Allegedly, Twigs is now demanding that Pattinson marries her soon or call off the engagement.

At the same time, rumors have spread that Stewart is planning on exchanging vows with Cargile in the near future.

These reports have angered Twigs, who doesn’t want to see Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend marry someone before they do.

For now, it is unclear what is happening behind the scenes between Pattinson and Twigs. Although they haven’t addressed any of the rumors surrounding their private engagement, there is no concrete evidence that they are on the rocks.

Until more information is revealed, fans can at least rest assured that Pattinson will not be returning to Stewart any time soon.

Tell us! Do you think Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs will make it down the aisle? Let us know in the comments below.

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