‘Final Fantasy XV’: New Gameplay Footage, How Magic Works, & More

New details have emerged in regards to Final Fantasy XV, the upcoming action role-playing game from Square Enix.

Fans were saddened at the fact that Final Fantasy XV won’t be gracing consoles until November 29, two months after its original release date of September 30. The game is said to be nearly done, and Square Enix is simply polishing the fine details and ensuring that a day one patch may not be necessary.

During the PAX West 2016 event, Final Fantasy XV was put on display to allow fans new gameplay footage to allow fans into what Square Enix has in store. In a report by GameSpot, we learn what the beginning hours of Noctis’s adventure look like. There’s plenty of details that are new to the game, and the sheer size of overall content should put your mind at ease.

We learn that the world in Final Fantasy XV is called Eos. Though there are large establishments like Nifelheim, Lucius, Altissa, and Tenebrae, they are but a part of the setting that surrounds the game. We’ve seen that Noctis and crew will be using multiple forms of transportation to get around. Chocobos and flying cars will see Noctis and his friends from destination to destination, and there looks to be quite a bit to do across Eos.

In regard to how Final Fantasy XV leveling works, the abilities and skills available to the heroes are called the Astralsphere. If you’re familiar with Final Fantasy X, you may be very well at home with how stats and increasing them will progress. Each character has a unique way to approach combat. Noctis can execute a plethora of attacks, and teaming up with a different character will yield unique action sequences to engage foes. This adds depth to the gameplay, allowing fans to work with their favorite duos for heavy damage.

Magic in Final Fantasy XV will be on a scale similar to Final Fantasy VIII. You’ll find that there are multiple resources to gather in any given area. The elements that players will see range from Fire, Thunder, Ice, and “Wild” variations that are the combination of these. Players will be able to harvest crystals, and then they’ll need to be crafted to fit into an in-game item called a flask. From there, simply equipping them to a character will enable use. Such magic will have to be charged, so Noctis and gang will need to gauge which situations they’ll be making use of with elemental prowess.

Final Fantasy XV will be making use of different kinds of technology, signified by the brand names on items that will be shown throughout the game. Beyond this, it appears that Square Enix also intends to incorporate guns and machinery that the party will make use of. It’s reported by Gematsu that we can see details of guns and machinery for Final Fantasy XV in scans of Shonen Jump. In a nutshell, it looks as though the party will be able to use each weapon for a specific effect.

Ultimately, fans can expect a unique experience out of Final Fantasy XV. The anime, movie, and other in-game items will be part of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition that is sold on the Square Enix online store. Fans will have plenty of content to keep them busy, and director Hajime Tabata has stated that the game will take anywhere around 200 hours to complete. With the side missions and trophies to be earned, we’ll be seeing quite a bit of Noctis and crew when the game arrives in November.

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV so far? Do you believe that this game will live up to the hype? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Square Enix]

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