Blake Shelton Halloween Costume Goals: RaeLynn Dresses Up Like Gwen Stefani’s Cowboy Boyfriend

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are one of 2016’s most talked about celebrity pairs, so there will undoubtedly be a few couples who dress up like the country music star and the ska queen this Halloween. However, RaeLynn just proved that you don’t have to be male to pull off a Blake costume.

On Friday, RaeLynn reminded her fans that she will be joining Blake Shelton on tour next week, and she came up with a hilarious way to make sure that her Instagram followers mark the date. As you can see, the “Love Triangle” singer shared a funny photo of herself all dressed up like Blake back when he sported a luxurious mullet of shiny curls that would make Billy Ray Cyrus jealous.

According to CMT, RaeLynn’s photo of baby-faced Blake Shelton was taken in 2005 at the 40th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. NewsOK reports that RaeLynn dressed up like the “vintage” version of Blake for a 2013 Halloween costume contest.

RaeLynn’s picture provides great inspiration for pop culture fans who are looking for funny and creative Halloween costume ideas. To dress up like throwback Blake, all you need is a red suit jacket, a dark cowboy shirt buttoned up all the way, a pair of blue jeans, cowboy boots, a black felt cowboy hat, and a curly wig. RaeLynn proves that guys and gals can both pull off Blake’s old look.

But what does every throwback Blake Shelton need? A throwback Gwen Stefani, of course! However, you don’t have to have a significant other to do Gwen and Blake Halloween costumes; two Shefani-loving pals could also dress up like the couple.

Gwen was still riding high on the “Hollaback Girl” wave in 2005, and just like Blake, she rocked a few looks that were B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Her performance attire for the 2005 Teen Choice Awards looked a bit like a sexy Halloween costume, and it’s the perfect inspiration for Shefani fans who are looking for color-coordinated Gwen and Blake Halloween costume ideas. Gwen Stefani’s sexy band leader outfit included a tight red shirt, a white sash, high-waisted white shorts, knee-high white boots, and a marching band hat with a red plume. If you decide to dress up like Blake’s girlfriend for Halloween, don’t forget the bright red lipstick and platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe wig.

Gwen Stefani at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Blake Shelton hasn’t responded to RaeLynn stealing his look yet by putting on a blonde wig and a cute dress, but he did recently dress up like another female singer. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Blake created another great Halloween costume idea when he decided to do his best Miley Cyrus impression on The Voice sneak preview that aired last month. Blake covered his denim jacket with colorful flowers similar to those that were sewn all over his fellow’s coach’s ensemble.

Instead of dressing up like RaeLynn to promote his former Voice team member joining him on tour, Blake recorded a short Twitter video in which he gushes about how much he loves the “God Made Girls” singer.

“First of all, because she’s amazing, and I think the more people that have a chance to see her and hear her perform the better off they’ll be for hearing her,” Blake says.

As KBOE 104.9 FM Hot Country reports, Blake also talks about how he can personally relate to RaeLynn’s new single “Love Triangle,” which is about her parents’ divorce. In the video below, Blake describes the tune as “one of the most incredibly well-written songs I’ve ever heard in my life.”

You can see RaeLynn performing during Blake Shelton’s tour starting September 9 at his show in Oklahoma City. If you can think of any other fun Halloween costume ideas inspired by Blake, Gwen Stefani, or RaeLynn, be sure to share them below!

[Photos by Jason Bahr/Getty Images for Pernod Ricard, Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM]

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