WWE News: Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Rematch Coming Soon, Bayley Not Expected To Win WWE Women’s Championship

At WWE Summerslam, Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to become the new WWE Women’s Champion. The WWE Universe was surprised by that result because The Boss had just won the title a few weeks earlier on Raw, so retaining the title at WWE Summerslam seemed like the obvious result.

It was revealed after the event that the decision to give Charlotte back the WWE Women’s Championship was due to some nagging injuries that Banks was dealing with and she needed some time off to heal. The botches during the match with Charlotte certainly didn’t hurt Sasha’s injury status, and Charlotte was reprimanded for making potentially dangerous mistakes that could have injured The Boss further.

The night after WWE Summerslam, Charlotte came out on Raw to celebrate reclaiming the WWE Women’s title, but she was interrupted by Mick Foley. The GM of Raw revealed that Sasha Banks will be getting her rematch sooner rather than later, but the debut of Bayley only a few minutes later has complicated Raw’s Women’s Division and there are a lot of questions about the future of the division in Banks’ absence.

The WWE Universe has been anticipating Bayley’s debut on the main roster for most of this year, so getting involved with Charlotte and the WWE Women’s Championship added a lot of fuel to the excitement. The absence of The Boss due to her nagging injuries has also opened the door for Bayley to become the top face of the division, which WWE officials have embraced very quickly.

On paper, the WWE Universe is expecting Bayley to become the No. 1 Contender for Charlotte’s Women’s Championship, but that brings into question what will happen to The Boss when she returns from her brief break. WWE Clash of Champions is only three weeks away, so WWE officials don’t have much longer to make a decision about the future of Raw’s Women’s Division and the future of the WWE Women’s title.

Although the possibility of Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Charlotte for the top prize in WWE seems like a dream come true for the WWE Universe, the powers that be may not be willing to rush all three women into the title picture at one time. Instead, all three women are going to have their chance on top of the card.

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A new report is claiming that WWE officials have a specific plan going forward, which involves all three WWE Superstars, but not at the same time. Apparently, Bayley vs. Charlotte is the plan for WWE Clash of Champions later this month, but Bayley isn’t expected to win the WWE Women’s Championship.

The odds of Bayley winning the title in her first championship match are said to be extremely unlikely, but it is likely that she won’t lose clean. Even if she does, WWE officials will continue to make Charlotte look as strong as possible because the top priority of the powers that be are for Banks vs. Charlotte to continue.

It’s also being said that Sasha Banks could be back on WWE television as early as next week’s edition of Raw, but it probably won’t be in a wrestling capacity. The Boss vs. The Champ is a feud that is far from over, but Bayley will be able to throw her name into the hat and plans can always change if she catches fire.

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If WWE officials are serious about making Bayley the top face of Raw’s Women’s Division, then she’s going to need a feud of her own after WWE Clash of Champions. A loss to Charlotte is fine because it puts Bayley at the top of the division, but she’s not going to be able to take the loss unless she can bounce back.

Dana Brooke is a possibility, but she already beat her in singles competition on her first night on Raw. Nia Jax is another possible feud for her. Jax is of more value to the WWE product than just having squash matches every week, but that’s not a win-win situation since someone is going to lose momentum because Jax’s unbeatable persona can’t be tarnished this early and Bayley can’t keep losing.

The point is that WWE officials are going to have a tough time keeping Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte busy on Raw over the next several weeks. For the time being, WWE is doing what they can to build Bayley towards WWE Clash of Champions, but the imminent return of The Boss is going to force some decision to be made sooner rather than later.

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