New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Packs To Be Released In October

It’s time to go back and revisit New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Nintendo announced that it would be releasing three new DLC packs for the classic game this October. The new DLC, short for downloadable content, will give gamers new coin rush levels of varying difficulty. According to Slash Gear, the three new DLC packs will be called “Gold Mario Go! Go! Pack,” “Challenge the Record A Pack,” and “Survival Panic Pack.”

The coin rush DLCs make sense since The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is all about coin collecting.

Nintendo writes:

“The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is bursting at the seams with an endless flow of gold coins for you to collect. You’ll explore levels filled with gold pipes leading to coin-filled caverns, gold enemies leaving behind trails of coins, and new power-ups and items that will push your coin count into the stratosphere. Can you collect a million coins?”

GamenGuide reports that the coin rush levels allow two players to go on coin collecting missions. The new DLC packs will give gamers more coins to collect in new levels.

The Gold Mario DLC pack will be the easiest of the three DLCs. The “Challenge the Record” pack will let Super Marios Bros. players compete for world records. And the “Survival Panic” pack is reportedly the most difficult of the three new releases.

PC Magazine reports that the new DLC packs will be released on October 2nd in Japan. They will cost about 200 yen each (about $2.50). So far there is no US release date.

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