AutoZone U.S. Flag Removal? Tom Michael’s Facebook Post Says AutoZone Took Down American Flag For ‘Diversity’

There is a Facebook post going viral, having been shared nearly 7,000 times on Facebook as of Friday, September 2. The Facebook post involves a dispute about an American flag that was displayed at an AutoZone location in Marshall, Michigan. It also involves accusations that the U.S. flag at the AutoZone was removed due to “diversity” reasons.

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According to Tom Michael, who posted the now-viral AutoZone Facebook post on August 31, at 3:42 p.m., Michael’s son was an AutoZone employee. In fact, Tom’s son wasn’t just an AutoZone employee, but had risen to the ranks of AutoZone manager. The AutoZone manager received a letter of appreciation from his AutoZone district manner, after having worked at AutoZone for one year. However, with that letter, the AutoZone store manager also received instructions from the AutoZone district manager to take down the American flag.

“My son was at work today at Auto Zone in Marshall, Michigan. His district manger came in and gave him a ‘one year’ appreciation letter. He also told him to take down the American flag that was displayed in the window. My son asked why. He said ‘diversity.’ My son quit on the spot. He was the store manager. I am so tired of this bull****. My personal boycott of Auto Zone is just me getting started.”

The alleged reason why the U.S. flag was ordered taken down by the AutoZone district manager is a point of controversy. According to Tom’s Facebook post, the AutoZone district manager said it was due to “diversity” reasons that the American flag was ordered taken down from the front of the AutoZone store. As a result, the AutoZone manager quit on the spot, claims Michael.

According to KUTV, Tom’s son is Jarrett Michael, and the former AutoZone manager expounded on what Jarrett says he was told was the reason the U.S. flag hanging outside the AutoZone had to be removed. The American flag had been hanging there for months on the AutoZone door.

“On his way, he pointed to the flag and said it had to be taken down. We asked why, because of diversity and stuff.”

After Jarrett — who was formerly an AutoZone parts service manager — was given instructions to take down the U.S. flag, Michael says he immediately quit his AutoZone job.

However, as reported by Snopes, AutoZone claims that the American flag was ordered taken down because it was not displayed properly, since it was adhered to the front door of the AutoZone with suction cups that were stuck to the door with duct tape.

As reported by WWMT, a rep for AutoZone claimed that the American flag was removed because of the duct tape — and that the U.S. flag would be correctly displayed in the AutoZone store with a flag pole and floor stand.

“The American flag was improperly displayed in our store’s window, duct taped to the glass. We are in the process of securing a pole and floor stand so the flag can be properly displayed in our store.”

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Michael uploaded a photo of how the U.S. flag was displayed at AutoZone, with an additional commentary about the American flag that he claims was removed due to reasons of diversity.

“This the American flag was removed yesterday because of ‘diversity.'”

As a result of the viral Facebook post, AutoZone is receiving their own share of feedback on Facebook. The thought that a business in the U.S. might be told to remove the American flag from their front door isn’t sitting well with some folks who are leaving comments like the following on AutoZone’s page.

“I understand that the store manager in Marshall, Michigan, was instructed to remove the American Flag from the window and quit on the spot. Why was he instructed to do this? If this turns out to be true, l and all my friends and their friends will not utilize your stores any longer…”

“So you took the other comments down? Why, trying to keep something quiet????? That is what dishonest people do.”

“Your company needs improvements from the top down.”

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]

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