Who Was Catherine Davis, Alleged Victim Of Johnny Lewis? A ‘Hollywood Legend,’ Says Taylor Negron

We’ve been hearing a lot in the news lately about former Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis, his death, and his apparent murder of his 81-year-old former landlady, but how much do we know about his alleged victim? Aside from playing host to the occasional Hollywood celebrity by renting out her property from time to time, not much.

Actor and comedian Taylor Negron wrote a tribute to Catherine Davis recently, the 81-year-old landlady that Johnny Lewis is thought to have murdered before his death, in which he calls her a “Hollywood legend” and elevates her to the level of “near saint” in a post for xoJane.

“Hollywood legend Catherine Davis rented me — and many other actors — rooms in her home throughout her life. Johnny Lewis isn’t accused of murdering an 81-year-old woman. He is accused of murdering a saint,” Negron writes.

Negron contends that media outlets have done a disservice to Davis by merely referring to her as a simple “81-year-old landlady,” a description which, Negron says, “could maybe be used to describe her bones.” He calls Davis “a woman of astounding energy and clear-minded self-creation,” and says that her home, which was also rented to Parker Posey, Thomas Jane, Chris Parnell, Paula Poundstone, “and so many others” was affectionately nick-named the “Writer’s Villa.”

Negron also details Johnny Lewis’ (whom he calls “the creature” and “the monster”) alleged path of destruction through Davis’ home, smashing her mirrors, sculptures, paintings, and dismembering her beloved cat. He paints Davis as a Gertrude Stein-esque figure, recalling her warm nature and vibrant love for art in all of its forms.

“Cathy loved parties more than anything. Not loud. I don’t remember music. Only talk and stories of people from other places describing new things and new places.”

Read Negron’s touching piece, a love letter to Davis from all who loved her, here.

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