‘Narcos’ Season 3 Spoilers: Find Release Date Information, Rumors Of What Comes Next On Popular Netflix Drama

With Narcos Season 2 released and die-hard fans already plowing their way through to the end, many viewers are left with one question — just when will Narcos Season 3 come out, and what will happen after this season’s thrilling conclusion?

The Netflix Original series has been a huge hit, showing the rise of legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar over more than a decade and the international efforts to take him down. The performance of actor Wagner Moura was a huge part of the show’s success, hooking in fans with his portrayal of Escobar and even earning a Golden Globe nomination.

[WARNING: There are some major Narcos Season 2 spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t finished this season you can skip down to below the bolded text at the bottom to find out when the next season of Narcos will likely be released.]

There is plenty up in the air after the conclusion of the second season of Narcos. Though the show appeared to set up a long struggle between the Medellin cartel leader and the men hunting him, it instead ended with the death of Pablo Escobar.

Despite his character’s death, Moura still managed to bring Escobar to life in Season 2 with a surprising amount of sensitivity. Moura told NPR that he tried to find the human side behind the notorious drug kingpin.

“He wanted to be loved, accepted…. He was a human being, you know, he was a person. I’m sure Osama bin Laden was a human being, and his friends were laughing [at] his jokes, and his kids loved him…. And he was a mean, mean, awful human being, but he was a human being. He was not an alien.”

It’s not clear how Narcos would move forward now that Escobar is dead, with speculation that it could focus on a different drug kingpin or continue telling the story of the Medellin cartel after the death of its leader. It could even take a page out of another highly acclaimed narcotic-busting drama, The Wire, and introduce a new lens for each season to be viewed from. The Wire explored the drug market in Baltimore by giving viewers the perspective of the drug dealers themselves, the police, politicians, schools, and even the local newspaper.

With the season ending on Escobar’s death and that chapter of the show seemingly over, there is some question as to whether Narcos would come back at all.

[Narcos Season 2 spoilers end here, so if you’re just interested in when the show might return this is when you can safely pick back up.]

So far, there is no official word on whether Narcos will actually return for Season 3 and just when that would be, though waiting is something of an expectation for Netflix viewers.

It took several weeks for the streaming video service to announce a second season for the smash hit Stranger Things, even though its return was a foregone conclusion. Bustle noted that there is still a chance that Narcos won’t return, as Netflix still doesn’t share viewership information for its shows (though it’s a safe bet that it’s getting strong enough ratings to return).

But going by the history of Netflix, it seems almost certain that Narcos will return for Season 3, Bustle noted.

“Fortunately, that’s just long enough for us to have some idea of how Netflix operates… and that strategy can basically be boiled down to ‘never cancel anything.’ Of the 19 live-action scripted series the service has created in the past three years, only one has since ended its run — supernatural drama Hemlock Grove, which wrapped last year after three seasons — and even then fans were given the courtesy of a ‘final season renewal’ notice, rather than just having the show abruptly cancelled on them.”

There are still plenty of predictions of when Narcos will return for Season 3, with the Fansided blog Netflix Life speculating that it will follow a fairly predictable schedule. Season 1 debuted on August 28, 2015, and Season 2 came out on September 2, so the blog predicted that Season 3 would be released on September 1, 2017.

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