National Anthem Petition: ‘Star Spangled Banner’ To Be Replaced With ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ Theme ‘Escape From The City’?

A National Anthem petition has hit the internet in the wake of a certain athlete’s viral protest. When NFL star Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for “Star Spangled Banner” before a game, the internet was at first outraged. Then as they realized why he did it. Some, including military personnel, joined in the protest.

It wasn’t the song or its intended meaning which Kaepernick allegedly has a problem with, but the words of the song. The lyrics actually describe a war-time scenario in 1812 and Colin has stated that the words celebrate slavery.

While the words occasionally reference slavery, it was the fact that the British had used slaves to fight their wars which Kaepernick has a problem with. This is the reason he didn’t stand for the National Anthem. “Hirelings and slaves” had been apparently dismissable in that time period, partly due to the fact that slavery hadn’t been made illegal yet.

Of course, words further down might inspire protests from Atheists and those who don’t believe in the Christian religions. The third to last line contains the words “in God is our trust,” a phrase similar to one which has been under fire for being on the United States currency and deemed offensive.

Gabe Carey of Glen Burnie, MD, started the National Anthem petition possibly as a joke, but so far it’s gained enough signatures to be less than 2,000 shy of its goal of 15,000. His National Anthem petition is directed toward President Barack Obama and isn’t suggesting that we stop singing an anthem before sports games.

Instead, Carey suggests using a video game theme song known as “Escape from the City,” from the video game Sonic Adventure 2. Instead of glorifying war, slavery, or religious bias, it’s simply a fun and upbeat song with a positive message.

Gabe’s explanation for the National Anthem petition is actually patriotic but ends up colored a bit in fantasy.

“The obvious solution would be to rid our nation of the injustices Kaepernick is protesting. However, that would take a lot of hard work and determination that we’ve clearly been incapable of to this point. So, instead, I suggest to President Barrack Obama that we change the national anthem to Ted Poley and Tony Harnell’s more upbeat and less controversial ‘Escape from the City’ as featured in the smash-hit video game Sonic Adventure 2.

“Tell us, America, would you rather be reminded of the constant violence and threats faced by the soldiers of 1812 to get to this still-divided point in U.S. history or be set free by the rush of danger lurking around every turn as you follow your rainbow at the speed of sound?”

Technically, the song has little to do with the United States aside from the idea of freedom. It was even performed by Jun Senoue for a game created in Japan by Sega. With lyrics like “follow me, I’ll set you free,” it does have a degree of heroism to it. It might even get people on their feet, dancing to a happy tune instead of simply placing their hand over their heart in a somber reminder of war. Despite its origins not being in the United States, the song suggested by the National Anthem petition might even work.

The motion might not gain any steam, as patriotic music fans might be more inclined to use rock classics like “Born in the U.S.A.” and “America, F*** Yeah.” Also, Barack Obama isn’t going to stay President long enough to make it happen. In about three months, the United States will have a new President who might not think the National Anthem petition is even justifiable as worth their time.

Gabe Carey has an interesting idea, though, and if you want to sign his petition, feel free to click here.

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