‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Skybound Releases Faction-Based Quiz For Fans Of Zombie Franchise

As the calendar switches to September and Fear The Walking Dead teases fans with hints of both more violence and romance, the return of the original show — which is now in season seven — is just under a month and a half away from premiering. Fans continue to eagerly wait for the reveal of who Negan killed, when Rick Grimes will remind Negan and the Saviors that they’re screwing with the wrong people, and just how Carl’s potential girlfriend/friend with benefits Enid managed to escape from the closet.

Regardless of people preferring the Ricktatorship-turned-Rickpublic or the way Negan and Lucille handle their business, it’s a near-guarantee at this point that an All Out War is on the horizon between the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Saviors, and other surrounding groups. In addition to Negan’s Saviors, Season 6 also introduced The Hilltop — a feudal community led by the lecherous Gregory and also features Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia — and, as the season finale hinted, the Kingdom. While all we saw from the Kingdom was that they dress like knights of the old days and have access to horses, the season seven trailer confirmed we’ll be exposed to more of Morgan and Carol’s saviors, including their tiger-owning leader, Ezekiel.

After years of Rick and friends easily dispatching any group that came their way — Dave and Tony’s camp in Season 2, the prisoners and Woodbury in Season 3, the Governor’s militia and the Claimers in Season 4, Terminus and Dawn’s hospital police group in Season 5, and The Wolves in Season 6 — the Saviors present the greatest challenge and could turn Team Family into nothing more than a broken group of survivors with just a simple shrug and bat swing. With four groups in the picture right now, however, which is the one that you would feel most comfortable with? Which leader — Rick, Negan, Gregory, or Ezekiel — would you want leading you in a time of war and battle?

Finally, fans will have an answer to that question as Skybound Entertainment, the company that publishes The Walking Dead graphic novel, has released a quiz that tells you where you’d likely be spending your post-apocalyptic days. Johnny O’Dell of The Walking Dead official website has more.

“It’s nearly impossible to survive a zombie apocalypse long-term without joining a group. It’s kill or be killed so finding the right faction is imperative. Do you value safety over community? Horses over motorcycles? Swords over guns?? Find out which Walking Dead faction YOU belong in (Kingdom, Hilltop, Saviors, or Survivors) with our quiz below! Comment with your results and tell us if you agree. Happy sorting!”

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The quiz isn’t at all long with just seven questions (a reference to the show now being in Season 7, perhaps?) that include how you’d handle someone bitten by a walker, what weapon you’d prefer most in the apocalypse, and your favorite Skybound comic. Answer all seven questions and you’ll be treated with an ‘invite’ to one of the four current groups.

Based on my answers, which included me preferring loyalty over community, safety, and family (loyalty and family in the zombie apocalypse, if done right, are essentially the same thing), I was told…

“You belong with The Kingdom! This is a group of warriors who will stop at nothing to protect their community. Members of The Kingdom choose to live in a fantastical apocalypse scenario complete with kings, knights, and pet tigers. However whimsical their community, Kingdom members are highly intelligent, protective, and defensive against any outside threats.”

Susie Graham of Undead Walking, FanSided’s official Walking Dead fanpage and the most popular blog on the internet dedicated to the hit zombie franchise, posted her results and actually landed in The Hilltop.

“You belong with The Hilltop, otherwise known as the backbone of Rick’s allied communities. It’s a tight-knit colony of hard-workers that provide food, ammunition, and other supplies to themselves and their allies. As a member you’ll value community over anything else, realizing everyone’s contribution benefits the colony as a whole. Being a part of The Hilltop means you’re generous, patient, and hard-working.”

Generous and hard-working? Gregory must not have gotten that memo, then.

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Some fans may be surprised to see that other notable groups — including Woodbury, Terminus, and The Claimers — aren’t included in the quiz, but with them not being at all involved with All Out War (aside from ex-Woodbury citizens Michonne and Sasha Williams, a former member of the Governor’s militia in Tara Chambler, and ex-Claimer Daryl Dixon), their exclusion makes sense. Only Woodbury, of opposing groups not mentioned in the quiz, even had the firepower and resources to even make a fair stand against Team Family and, seeing as only two Woodbury soldiers on the prison raid made it to Season 4, it’s pretty apparent how that turned out.

Besides, Negan vs. The Governor in a one-on-one fight? The only thing left of Phillip Blake would be his eye-patch if he were to dare go against Negan.

What group did you land in after taking the quiz? Let us know and make sure to stay tuned to The Inquisitr for all of your news pertaining to season seven of The Walking Dead, which premieres October 23 on AMC.

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