‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ A PS4 Exclusive? KH3 Listing Removed From Japanese Xbox Live Website

Kingdom Hearts 3 news continues to elude fans, though this tidbit of information may be cause for concern.

It’s no secret that Kingdom Hearts installments have been brought to multiple systems. Consoles and handhelds have broken the game’s story up into multiple parts, though fans have generally had no trouble getting their hands on Sora and crew’s adventures.

This could be subject to change. Speculation suggests that Microsoft Xbox One may not be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 ported to it. In a report by GameNGuide, it’s being said that Kingdom Hearts 3 is no longer listed on the Japanese Xbox Live store. Perhaps it’s simply due to an error, but details are already scarce in regards to the game’s future. With the listing being removed, one can only wonder if it was an error on Microsoft’s part or if it was intentional.

The fact that the Kingdom Hearts 3 listing was removed from the Xbox Live store could also mean other things. It appears that the Xbox One is not performing well in Japan, as sales seem to be surprisingly low. The PlayStation 4 seems to be the preferred system, and it would make sense for developer Square Enix to focus on the PS4 for Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusivity.

On the other hand, the game is still being listed in the actual Microsoft Store. There’s also the listing on the game’s Japan store, as well as other territories continuing to list Kingdom Hearts 3 as an Xbox One title. With this in mind, it’s still a tossup as to what information Xbox One users can expect in the coming months.

Could Square Enix’s grand Disney adventure prove fruitful for Sony? Definitely. However, it could also be a crippling blow for Microsoft in regards to sales. Morning News USA reports that critics suggest that Kingdom Hearts 3 shouldn’t have been announced for the Xbox One to begin with. It’s far too early to tell where the chips will fall, but this could ultimately hurt Microsoft’s sales given the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts series.

There’s also the matter of Square Enix hosting its Tokyo Game Show 2016. There are a plethora of games that will be discussed at the event: Akashic Re:cords (iOS, Android), Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (iOS, Android), Final Fantasy XV (PS4, XBO), and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue (PS4) are just a few. Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts 3 is not on the list. This lends further credit to the thought of Square Enix making the game a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

With information about Kingdom Hearts 3 still present in multiple areas, only official word could confirm the fate of Xbox One users in regards to the long-awaited RPG. The game’s hype makes any speculation a potential wildfire, but Microsoft has taken no steps to confirm or deny a purpose in removing Kingdom Hearts 3 from the Japanese Xbox Live site.

Another possibility could be that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a timed exclusive. This wouldn’t be the first time that a developer or company has taken this route. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive, but it’s been said by Xbox One representatives that we could see the title moved to the PlayStation 4 in the future. So while this may be big news, it could very well be nothing more than a focus on the Xbox One’s console sale decline in Japan. In that regard, Microsoft’s consumers can rest easy.

Do you believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4? Would you be willing to wait for a copy of the game to be released on Xbox One if it was a timed exclusive? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Square Enix]

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