Kylie Jenner Jealous Of Tyga Reposting Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Photos, BFFs Again With Blac Chyna

Kylie Jenner is getting jealous over her fiancé Tyga drooling over Kim Kardashian’s pics, according to Hollywood Life. The 19-year-old model sure loves her own sister, but it doesn’t mean she’ll tolerate her fiancé re-posting Kim’s pics.

The incident happened when Kim Kardashian started boasting her new body on social media by uploading several seductive bikini photos and videos via Snapchat and Instagram. And while Kylie Jenner has a great body of her own, it doesn’t mean she isn’t a little jealous when Tyga gets excited looking at Kim’s pics.

Apparently, Tyga wanted to re-post one of Kim’s seductive pics to “show love and congratulate her on her body,” according to a Hollywood Life source. All the rapper wanted to do is compliment Kylie Jenner’s sister’s body given the fact that she is a mother of two but has a body of a supermodel.

“Plus, he knows Kim’s not his biggest fan and wanted to suck up to her a bit.”

But that was never meant to happen as Kylie Jenner got jealous. It’s yet unclear what Kylie is getting jealous over exactly: Tyga’s growing interest towards her sister or the fact that Kim boasts a body so hot!

But the source claims Kylie Jenner is “super competitive” with her sister, and her plan is to be the most talked about and adored member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, so, of course, she wouldn’t allow her own fiancé to ruin her plans.

Kim Kardashian recently posted two different twerking videos, showing off her perfectly shaped booty in a close up view. On one of the videos, Kim is seen twerking inside a pool. And Kim’s husband Kanye West is apparently not jealous at all over his wife boasting her twerking skills for everyone to see.

In fact, another Hollywood Life source revealed that West loves seeing her “work it.”

“Many husbands would be furious but not Kanye. He loves seeing her work it. He’s never been more attracted to her.”

In other news, Kylie Jenner is now allowed to babysit Blac Chyna’s kids, according to Us Magazine. It’s been just several months since Kylie and Chyna reached new heights in their two-year-old feud.

Just last week, Chyna came on a Facebook Live session with her fiancé and brother of Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian, and said she would allow Kylie to babysit her unborn child. When asked by a fan who would they trust more to babysit their baby-to-be, Kendall or Kylie Jenner, Chyna quickly said “both.”

But Rob joked he would choose neither of his sisters, but added that he was just kidding and would “probably” choose Kylie Jenner. And surprisingly, Chyna agreed with her future husband, saying that Rob’s sister could babysit their future baby and even King, Chyna’s son from her relationship with Jenner’s current fiancé Tyga.

It’s a unique situation here, as it means that Kylie Jenner would babysit her nephew and the son of her fiancé (but not her son) at the same time. Kylie and Chyna have had tense relations ever since the latter broke up with Tyga two years ago.

Earlier this year, Chyna made headlines when she posted a selfie posing with Kylie Jenner via Snapchat and writing in the caption that they have “been best friends the whole time.” It was reportedly Kim Kardashian who settled the feud between the two.

Kardashian, who currently can’t get enough of her own butt after birth, has always been the peacemaker in the family. And now that she has mended Kylie Jenner’s feud with Chyna, the Kardashian/Jenner family fans hope everything will be alright in the family from here on.

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