‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme Confirmed: ‘AHS’ Trailer Reveals Evil Doll

The internet has been alive with speculation over the past few days after the theme for American Horror Story Season 6 was leaked. That theme has now been confirmed as “The Mist” by a TV magazine, which appears to have accidentally missed the embargo for the new season. American Horror Story is set to return later in September. However, information about the new season’s theme has, until now, been kept under wraps.

However, according to Digital Spy, the theme of the new season was accidentally revealed by Rotten Tomatoes earlier this week as “American Horror Story: The Mist”. That being said, with Rotten Tomatoes as the only source confirming the theme, it was taken with a pinch of salt. Rotten Tomatoes took down the information a few hours later. However, the theme of American Horror Story Season 6 appears to have been further confirmed by a print publication, completely independent from Rotten Tomatoes.

The theme for American Horror Story Season 6 is given further strength, with one of the season’s earlier teasers actually named “Mist”. With that in mind, it now looks all but confirmed that American Horror Story Season 6 will be themed around “The Mist,” despite attempts from producers to quash several leaks.

All of this comes as excitement around the new season of American Horror Story continues to grow. According to US Magazine, FX recently released a fresh trailer for the new season, which many are describing as the season’s creepiest yet. Opening on a child’s room decorated in pretty wallpaper and featuring an innocent looking doll, the clip quickly takes a dark turn. The doll is revealed to have a sinister face beneath the surface, one that that will leave you both itching to see the new season and fearful at the same time.

Over the past few months, FX has released a number of trailers teasing the return of American Horror Story. Whilst many of those trailers are believed to be related to the theme of the new season, there’s also the possibility that FX is trying to throw fans off the scent with irrelevant but freakishly scary clips.



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American Horror Story Season 6 is now less than two weeks away, with fans undeniably excited for the show’s return. At the same time, producers claim Season 6 will be the show’s biggest yet, with a number of high-profile names already signed to make an appearance in the new season. American Horror Story is no stranger to high-profile guest stars, with this new season set to star Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, Cuba Gooding Jr, and once again, Lady Gaga. The latter has appeared on the show in the past.

Speculation around plot theory is always a big part of any new season of American Horror Story. With that in mind, FX and the show’s producers have remained incredibly tight-lipped around exactly what new theme the season will take, with co-creator Ryan Murphy promising it will be “more rogue” and “dark” than the show’s previous season.

American Horror Story does typically release the season’s storyline before the premiere, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Season 6. However, a number of leaks from high profile publications all point towards “The Mist” being the theme of this season’s story. That being said, FX has maintained that they won’t officially confirm the season’s theme until the show returns on September 14, meaning American Horror Story Season 6’s premise will largely remain a mystery until then.

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