Blake Shelton Builds Gwen Stefani A House Ahead Of Wedding, Tishomingo Locals Prefer Gwen To Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton has introduced Gwen Stefani to the simple kind of life in rural Oklahoma, but he also wants to make sure that life’s a beach for Gwen and her boys. According to a recent report, Blake’s wedding gift for Gwen is a “Hawaiian-style lakehouse” that he’s building on his property near the shore of Lake Texoma. However, Cali girl Gwen doesn’t need palm trees and swimming pools to help her feel right at home whenever she and Blake visit the nearby town of Tishomingo — the locals reportedly love her and prefer her to Blake’s ex, Miranda Lambert.

The Daily Mail has obtained photographic evidence that Blake is building a vacation home that resembles an island getaway right next to his massive Oklahoma mansion. The little slice of paradise includes a white and blue house, what appear to be three smaller guest houses, a patio surrounded by palm trees, and a small pool with a poolside bar that Blake Shelton’s guests can swim right up to. A thatched, tiki-style roof covers the bar, so thirsty swimmers can sit in the shade while they sip one of Blake’s signature cocktails (according to People, he’s a fan of Bacardi rum mixed with Crystal Light or Sprite Zero).

“He wants it finished in time for their wedding as the ideal gift for Gwen,” one of Blake’s neighbor’s revealed. “It’s going to be a place to have some fun when they’re not at his ranch. He’s been keeping an eye on how his property is coming along, making sure everything is perfect.”

According to Life & Style, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani plan on getting married on the grounds of his sprawling wooded property sometime in December. They believe the remote location will give them and their wedding guests plenty of privacy, and it will make the event more fun for Gwen’s three sons, Kingston (10), Zuma (8), and Apollo (2). The boys reportedly love visiting Blake’s ranch, which is evidenced by Gwen’s Snapchats. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen and her sons had a blast hanging at Blake’s place last month when they stopped by during one of Gwen’s days off from touring. They raced ATVs, played basketball, and took in some of the wildlife that lives in the woods surrounding Blake’s home.

As E! News reports, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani also enjoy visiting nearby Tishomingo, a small town with a population of just over 3,000. The couple has been spotted shopping at the local Dollar General, enjoying Dairy Queen dipped cones, and eating at the popular Gonzalez Mexican Restaurant.

The residents of Tishomingo have really gotten to know Gwen, and so far they like what they’ve seen. In fact, Blake’s pop star girlfriend is doing a much better job of winning them over than Miranda Lambert did.

“When she was with Blake, Miranda didn’t like stopping and talking to people, taking photos and that kind of thing so much. She was a little more standoffish,” said Kim Jones, the owner of the Closet Ministry and Thrift Store.

Jeff Burns is a friend of Blake Shelton’s family, and he runs The Red Rifle gift shop. His criticism of Miranda Lambert was even harsher.

“Nobody in this town liked Miranda Lambert. I used to work for her, I was her farm manager and personal assistant. She’s just a young girl with a lot of money.”

Burns also complained that Lambert’s Pink Pistol Boutique only sold items aimed at “middle class and upper class people, not working folk.” Miranda closed the boutique earlier this summer, and Blake purchased the property. He also bought the building that housed The Ladysmith, Miranda’s Bed & Breakfast. He and Gwen were photographed hanging out on the building’s balcony over the Fourth of July weekend. Blake reportedly plans on opening up a restaurant and brewery in Tishomingo, but there’s no word on whether he will use one of the spaces previously occupied by Miranda Lambert’s businesses.

Tishomingo townsfolk describe Gwen Stefani as “sweet” and “down to earth,” and they believe that Gwen and Blake’s wedding will be a big boon for their small city.

“When he has his wedding with Gwen Stefani it will bring lots of interest to the area, it’s going to be a big deal,” said retiree Jerri Jo Wright.

It sounds like getting married on Blake Shelton’s ranch in December is the best Christmas gift Gwen and Blake could possibly give the residents of Tishomingo.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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