Britney Spears Hopes Sons Never Have To ‘Endure’ What She Does: The Fame Monster

Entertainment Tonight reports that early yesterday morning, Britney Spears surprised the host of The Cooper Lawrence Show on the Long Island-based 106.1 BLI by saying that she hopes her sons never have to experience the same degree of fame she does.

When the show’s host asked Britney if her sons, 10 year-old Preston and 9-year-old Jayden, had interest in pursuing the path of mega-stardom their dear old mom had, Spears hesitated for only a moment before speaking her mind on the idea.

“They think it’s cool, but I think the magnitude of it and the fame thing, I don’t think they’ve really comprehended what that would even be like,” Britney explained.

“Hopefully they never will, because it’s kind of much.”

One cannot really blame Britney Spears for having such a view of “the burden of fame.” After all, points out The Record, Spears has been a huge pop culture icon ever since she rocketed to fame at 11 years old (she is now 34). Since then, almost every one of her actions, such as her mental breakdown in 2007, have been scrutinized, and the events of her private life, including things as mundane as spending a day with her sons at a local water park, have become public. These phenomena, and the torturous effects they can cause on Britney Spears’ life, were satirized hilariously in the 2008 South Park episode Britney’s New Look.

Despite her insistence that she hopes her sons never have to face the fame monster, Spears reflects that she wouldn’t change a thing if she was given the chance to redo her career when the host, who joked that Spears had been “famous since [she] was a fetus,” asked her if she would “undo” her pop music empire.

“Um…no regrets,” she remarked with a smile in her voice.

Indeed, notes Elle, Britney Spears has hardly ever slowed down in accumulating all the fame on which she can get her hands, proving herself repeatedly to be a bona fide comeback queen on the level of Madonna. Spears has certainly come a long way since donning a short schoolgirl skirt and seductively prancing through the halls of a highschool in her 1998 breakout music video “…Baby One More Time,” but she is still focused on pumping out hits and maintaining her spot on top of the pop culture scene. Britney has just released her ninth studio album, Glory, and appeared at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in a performance that The Inquisitr reports was met with very mixed reviews.

But, as many sources, such as Movie Pilot, agree, Britney Spears is an absolutely fantastic mother, and one of the things that means is that she wants a better life for her children than for herself. To her, that means enjoying the same exciting and worry-free life she has, but without the endless paparazzi and overenthusiastic Spears fans.

Not only has Britney time and time again demonstrated boundless unconditional love for Preston and Jayden, but Spears has said that they have hhelped her tremendously in dealing with the loneliness and insecurity fame brings with it and that she sang about in her 2000 song “Lucky.”

“Becoming a mother and being with my boys has made me so much more accepting of myself. I’m their mom, whatever. That has been a really big thing for me over these last few years,” Britney Spears told Marie Claire for their October cover story.

“I was so under scrutiny. If a hair was out of place, I’d be so anxious. I would get very anxious about so many things.”

Britney says her life has now improved drastically because of her boys. Preston, the older of the two, even came up with the name for Spears’ latest album, Glory.

“My son actually came up with the name Glory,” Britney told iHeart Radio. “He was like ‘Mom you are going to feel glorious once this is over.’ So yeah, he’s really proud of that.”

Here’s to Britney Spears, who is doing a great job of giving her sons a “normal” life — unlike, say, Kim Kardashian, who The Inquisitr writes has been criticized recently for selling out her children for financial gain.

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