‘Mascots’ On Netflix Releases Its First Trailer [Video]

Mascots is the latest offering from Netflix that will not only be shown on the streaming video platform, but will also get a theatrical run as well. For those who love great mockumentaries like Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman, director Christopher Guest is back to share his love of dry humor on a comedic platform that always gives audiences a good laugh in the trailer for Mascots.

Fans should not be mistaken with Mascots. It is not a new TV show coming to Netflix, but rather a feature length film that classic mockumentary filmmaker Christopher Guest is so famous for, according to Deadline. Guest likes to take a look at the more flat-line comedic elements of human nature and he immortalizes them on film in his documentary style of filming that plays out similar to shows like The Office and has the feel of films like Napoleon Dynamite.

The humor of Mascots is dry and lacks that powerful momentum that TV shows have with a studio audience that laughs when something funny and stupid comes across the scene. Although Netflix has produced many comedies for its streaming video platform, it has rarely ever made use of the laugh track from a live or pre-taped studio audience before.


Just like with most of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary films, Mascots features an ensemble of characters that play the title roles in the film. As Mascots, they all have a fond nature for their profession and they take their jobs very seriously. Whether it be for a college football team, a professional baseball team, and any other organized sporting team or college that may have a specialty mascot that serves as their official brand.

But in this Netflix film, Mascots is much more than just the story of people who have nothing better to do than dress up in a “cosplay” form of entertainment and wait for the game day to show up. These mascots are much more active than that, and just like with many other organizations in sporting and competitive activities, Mascots take their profession to the next level with yearly competitions that pit the mascots against each other with extreme forms of role-playing.

The Mascots theme also echoes similar themes to other films by Christopher Guest. One of his more well-known mockumentary films, Best in Show, features many people from a little-known competition show off their ultra-competitive side in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Netflix also seems to be the perfect venue for this kind of movie. Mockumentaries do have small cult followings for people that like the flat and dry humor. Mascots will do well with the Netflix platform and possibly even on the theatrical stage when it gets released.

Mascots features the acting talents of Fred Willard, Ed Begley, Jr., Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, Zach Woods, Chris O’Dowd, Christopher Moynihan, Don Lake, Brad Williams, Sarah Baker, Tom Bennett, Kerry Godliman, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, Michael Hitchcock, Maria Blasucci, John Michael Higgins, Jim Piddock, Matt Griesser, and Susan Yeagley.

In the Mascots trailer, Parker Posey has a few particularly funny scenes where she shows off her incredibly competitive spirit as a mascot. On Netflix, this kind of comedy is sure to go over well.

For those who are attending the Toronto Film Festival this year, Mascots will be screening in its world premiere on Saturday. This is in advance of its actual theatrical and Netflix premiere date, which is on October 13.

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