Jennifer Garner Pregnant? Actress Allegedly Having Ben Affleck’s Child

Jennifer Garner is pregnant with ex-husband Ben Affleck’s child, according to Ok!. While the Hollywood couple was initially married for ten years, the two had called it quits last year.

Though the couple hasn’t been together for quite some time, Ben Affleck has allegedly been trying to win back his ex-wife. After spending months trying to please Jennifer Garner, the Batman V. Superman star has finally impressed the actress once again. An insider source told In Touch that the two rekindled their romance after having a “hot and heavy” night while away in Europe, wrote Ok!. Since then, the couple has been on good terms.

Jennifer Garner reportedly became pregnant after having a night with Ben. After spending months away from Affleck, the 43-year-old actress finally gave into the leading man’s romantic ways. An insider source close to the couple revealed more about their recent rekindling.

“Jen and Ben conceived the baby while he was working on Justice League in London.”

The source close to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck explained how the couple has been spending a lot of time together since they’ve last seen each other.

“He and Jen had begun spending more time together romantically and Jen realized that there was still a lot of love between the two of them.”

Jennifer Garner being pregnant is huge news. Both Ben and Jen are thrilled to be having another child together. Allegedly, the actress has been happily sharing the news. Jennifer Garner told “her inner circle that she’s having a baby and that she’s happy about it.” The insider source also said that Ben is “over the moon” about having the opportunity to hopefully rekindle his marriage with Jennifer Garner. Having a newborn will possibly bring the previously adorable Hollywood couple back together. Perhaps we’ll hear wedding bells, once again.

Though Jennifer Garner is pregnant with ex-husband Ben Affleck’s child, she is still hesitant about moving forward in her relationship. The actress is allegedly not ready to take the leap and remains “cautious,” despite all the recent happy news. Considering the previous drama Ben and Jen have had in their marriage, the actress wants to move slowly the second time around. She is also nervous about possibly being a family once again with Affleck, explained the insider source close to the family.

“She isn’t ready to do that [reunite as a family] just yet…She just wants to see if Ben is able to keep his promises.”

Jennifer Garner being pregnant isn’t necessarily a surprise. The actress was recently photographed with all smiles while heading to a dance class, reported the International Business Times. A day before, Jennifer Garner had reunited with Ben Affleck. Despite the pregnancy rumors, Ben and Jen’s reunion was allegedly awkward, but also filled with tears.

While there have been rumors that Garner had frequently been seen only wearing baggy clothes, it was debunked once the actress was spotted in a tight outfit on her way to a class. The couple was once again spotted together in Montana a day after Ben Affleck’s birthday, reported the International Business Times.

Jennifer Garner pregnancy rumors haven’t been confirmed just yet. Though Ben and Jen aren’t currently together, the couple was married for a decade. Within that time together, the Hollywood stars had three kids, including daughters Violet, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth and their son, Samuel Garner Affleck. Many are hoping that Ben and Jen’s fourth child will not only bring the couple back together, but save their family and previous marriage. Hopefully, the Hollywood couple will be able to work through their problems.

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