How We Like Our Eggs Cooked Apparently Says A lot About Our Personality Traits

The egg factor survey offered some insightful revelations about personality traits, according to a new scientific research study. Apparently, how we like out eggs cooked reveals a lot about not only our characteristics, but also relates to sex drive and social class. Scientists surveyed 1,010 adults and discovered that folks who love poached eggs are extremely outgoing.

According to the results of the egg poll, fans of fried eggs sizzle in bed and those who enjoyed a boiled egg tend to be disorganized. Fans of the always popular scrambled egg tend to be more guarded individuals. Omelette eaters apparently share some personality traits with Virgos, they are both supposedly very self-disciplined.

The study was conducted for the British Egg Industry Council was created by Mindlab International. The company routinely researches the psychology of consumer choice, Express notes. The supposedly scientific egg survey also found that poached eggs lovers tended to be the happiest people in the polling group. Boiled egg aficionados on the other hand, had a greater likelihood of getting divorced, according to the Daily Mail.

British Egg Industry Council member Andrew Joret had this to say about the egg personality trait research project:

“It’s amazing to think that just by knowing someone’s favorite way of eating eggs, it’s possible to gauge a large amount about who they are and what they are like. But it doesn’t matter how you eat your eggs, they’re still nutritious, versatile, and a great value.”

If you enjoy fried eggs on your breakfast plate, you are more likely to be a member of the skilled working class. Scrambled eggs lovers are most frequently favored by adults without children.

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