Chris Brown News: Singer Arrested, Bruno Mars Attacked For Supporting Him

The latest Chris Brown news heard around the world is almost too strange to believe.

In the wake of Brown’s latest arrest earlier this week, Bruno Mars sent out a short tweet in support.

As Slate reported, Baylee Curran called police on August 30 and accused Brown of pulling a gun on her while she was admiring jewelry at his home. The singer then asked Curran to leave, and a member of his team allegedly asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement on her way out before her cell phone was returned to her.

Curran claimed she grabbed the phone and was forced to hide with a friend under an SUV while Brown’s team searched for them. Authorities surrounded Chris Brown’s home when he refused to come out and speak with them, and he was eventually arrested.

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Chris Brown has a history of involvement with the police, with the most notorious being the infamous domestic abuse incident in which Brown punched and bit then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, which resulted in felony assault charges being filed against him.

Almost all responses to Bruno Mars’ tweet mentioned that incident, criticizing the “Uptown Funk” singer for defending an abuser.

Accused again in the news, Chris Brown attempted to defend himself as well, although his typically aggressive way of expressing things probably didn’t do him any favors in the eyes of his critics.

In a series of video clips posted to his Instagram while the police surrounded his house, Brown insisted that he’s the victim in this situation and claimed he’s completely innocent. He was fast asleep, he said, when he woke up to find police waiting for him.

“So I’m asleep half the damn night, I just wake up, all these ********** helicopter choppers is around, police out there at the gate. I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work.”

“I’m way too tired to want to be dealing with this ********. Every three months, y’all come up with something, bro. What is it? What’s gonna be next?”

The 27-year-old also noted that whenever he called the police for something serious, which he did when a crazed fan broke into his house, threw his daughter’s belongings onto the driveway, and wrote all over his cars, as the L.A. Times reported, they took their sweet time responding to his home. However, when someone called 911 insisting that he’d done something, they showed up in no time, according to Brown.

“When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you gonna walk right up in here, and you’re gonna see nothing. You idiots,” he added.

The videos have since been deleted from his Instagram account.

Some Twitter users did point out that Baylee Curran may have a sketchy past herself, and isn’t necessarily someone the authorities can rely on.

According to HollywoodLife, the NYC Police Department alleged that Curran stole a $1,000 wallet containing $200 in cash and several credit cards from the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue.

There’s allegedly a warrant out for Curran, and she can be brought in for questioning if the NYPD find her in New York. A rep for Baylee Curran told TMZ that Baylee said the friend who was with her at the time was the one who stole the wallet, and Curran knew nothing about a warrant.

The NY Daily News also reported that Curran has been telling the world that she holds the 2016 Miss California USA Ambassador title, but she was actually stripped of the crown.

“She won in April but we stripped her of the title in June. She is not Miss Regional California 2016,” Lowona Crawford, CEO, said. “She knows we are very upstanding… if you can’t be a role model for this organization, you will be dethroned. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Chris Brown’s in the news again, but are these really just false allegations as the singer claims? Brown has since been released on $250,000 bail.

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