Is Jennifer Aniston Experiencing Money Trouble?

Jennifer Aniston may be America’s sweetheart and an actress who stands out as someone to be admired and respected for her resilience in heartbreak and her healthy lifestyle. She’s also constantly mentioned in combination with her massively successful Friends days that ran for a decade. The star has tried to branch out in her acting roles and has opted for a number of dramas including the critically acclaimed drama Cake. More recently, however, her film roles have resulted in massive flops at the box office, which now has her in headlines for cash flow problems.

It seems Aniston can’t escape the tabloid headlines. If she doesn’t make it for pregnancy or marriage troubles, some other story is bound to be drummed up. Following Jen’s recent essay, which she penned in the Huffington Post sharing her frustrations about constant pregnancy rumors, the stories have certainly shifted but not halted altogether.

This time around it’s Radar Online who is sharing that the star has money troubles and notes words of supposed sources on the subject.

“Jen’s in dire need of a payday, and there’s a huge amount riding on this film being a success. Her most recent movies — Life ofCrime, She’s Funny That Way and Cake — all lost money at the box office and it’s gotten Jen super-stressed.”

The publication goes on to suggest that even though Aniston is worth $130 million on paper, the string of “movie flops and work hiatus” have meant a cash shortfall for the 47-year-old. The source also claims that Jen is desperate for her upcoming movie Office Christmas Party, which hits theaters in December to be a hit, and is putting all hopes on the film to get her out of her rut.

The source went on to share that Jennifer Aniston and hubby Justin Theroux’s first wedding anniversary has been haunted by her films’ poor performances at the box office.

“She’s starting to wonder if she’s cursed, particularly when her rivals like Sandra Bullock and even Melissa McCarthy are doing better than ever with their numbers.”

The publication does add that Jennifer Aniston’s rep denies that the star is facing any money troubles or a fizzling career, yet goes on to state that showbiz insiders insist that another flop could be the “kiss of death” for the star. Buzz surrounding Aniston’s upcoming flick, Office Christmas Party, indicates that it could have the potential to be a moneymaker, yet Jen is worried that it might be seen as a bit of a copycat of The Hangover.

An insider shares the supposed reality Jen may be facing if the film does flop.

“If it’s another big fat flop, she’s going to have to lean on Justin’s paycheck to keep the bills paid.”

It’s all a big and blatant lie, however, as Gossip Cop indicates. Jen is not in money trouble and will likely never be with her string of decent films and with the paychecks she cuts from all of the products she is the beautiful face for, from Aveeno to Smartwater. The publication relays the truth behind the lies.

“Jennifer Aniston is NOT having “money trouble,” despite a report. Of course, Aniston and husband Justin Theroux don’t have a ‘rocky marriage,’ but that’s not what the webloid wants readers to believe. In fact, the anti-Aniston outlet peddled a similar article about a ‘career crisis’ back in May. And in July, the site insisted Aniston was pregnant.”

Aniston and Theroux are solid and so are both of their careers. The two are respected in the world of entertainment and enjoyed their first wedding anniversary free from drama.

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