Chelsea Handler Says Guests Are Wary Of Coming On Her Show

Comedienne Chelsea Handler is known for her sharp tongue and acerbic wit, but the personality that catapulted her to fame and earned her her own show with her name in the title also sometimes gets in the way of her bookings, Handler says.

While everyone may like to watch Chelsea Handler tear into someone on TV, it may be a totally different story to be sitting in the hot seat on the receiving end of Handler’s humor. At least that’s what Chelsea said this morning during an interview with Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY show.

According to Handler, guests are wary of guestdom on Chelsea Lately, fearing an accurate teardown at the late-night chat show host’s hands. But Chelsea says that she really makes an effort to make guests look good — and that if they can tolerate her ribbing, it also makes them look like they have a decent sense of humor.

Speaking to Guthrie, Handler complained:

“I hear that all the time … People are very nervous to come on. I’ll get calls from managers or publicists…. But I always take care of my guests…. People always come off looking like they can take a joke and have a good sense of humor about themselves.”

Chelsea also explained that her brusque manner is not just extended to guests — studio audience members were, for a while, exposed to her to-and-from the shower runs after she bathed before the show:

“(Comcast) spent a fortune for me to be able to have my own shower in my own office … Instead of showering by the shower that we had in our old space, which was downstairs and I’d walk out in my bathrobe in front of the studio audience that was waiting to come into my show. I’m not joking.”

Do you find Chelsea Handler to be mean and intimidating or just funny and honest?

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