‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Nicole Becomes Wishy-Washy On Eviction Eve

Big Brother 18 is going to be intense tonight. The fifth member of the household will be evicted, leaving the final six houseguests to battle it out in the Head of Household (HOH) competition. Nicole has held all the power this week, so she will not be eligible to play tonight. With the BB house very much divided, everyone will be trying hard to win in order to avoid eviction and secure a spot in the final five next week.

All week long, Michelle has been the main target. Nicole has wanted her out of the Big Brother house for weeks and finally has the numbers to do it. The house is clearly divided, and last night there was a discussion about who is the actual target. According to Jokers Updates, Michelle wanted Nicole to come down from the HOH room and announce the target in front of the entire house. Everyone already knows that Michelle is headed out the door but could something have changed that will shock viewers tonight during the live eviction?

James and Natalie have laid low all week. The were aligned with Michelle but with her supposedly exiting tonight, they don’t want to be on anyone’s radar. Rumors indicate that Nicole is considering flipping her vote and evicting Paul instead of Michelle. It would be a better move for her own personal game, but if she does that, a huge target will be placed on her back. Since she is the reigning HOH, her vote will be the one that is the deciding factor. Corey and Victor will vote to keep Paul, while James and Natalie are going to vote to keep Michelle. Unless “Jatalie” (James and Natalie) flip one or both of their votes, Nicole has a huge decision to make before the live BB show tonight.

The next few weeks are going to be intense in the Big Brother house. Everyone is paired off at this point with the exception of Michelle. If she goes home, three duos will remain. Two are showmances which began in the early weeks, and Paul and Victor are sticking with each other based on friendship. Both of them are competition beasts, which is why they are favored to make it to the end. The backstabbing and lying will start to emerge this week, especially when the houseguests are forced to save themselves and their partner. This could play out several ways, and all of them will have a different outcome.

Watching the final weeks of the game is always intense. Scrambling to win comps and sway votes are definitely some of the hardest things to do in the Big Brother house. Loyalty until the end is what many promised at least one other person in the house. Nicole has tried to hold on to James as long as possible, but now the cards will fall where they may. Everyone should be looking out for what is best for their own personal game, not what is best for the person you are protecting.

Tonight’s live eviction will give viewers some insight to where the cards may fall. Many are hoping that “Jatalie” doesn’t win the HOH this week because that would mess up their final four deal with Paul and Victor. This game is all about strategy and getting along with people in the house as well. There are roughly three weeks left until the Season 18 winner is announced. Fans anticipate a lot of disappointment, especially since Paul and Victor are the only two left without strong ties to another houseguest. Big Brother will air the live eviction tonight and begin the live HOH competition.

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