‘Power’ Season 3 Spoilers: Ghost Learns Angela’s Secret, Tasha Is Threatened And Tariq Makes A Very Dangerous New Friend

With just three episodes left in Season 3, Power spoilers reveal that everything is coming to a head for Ghost and Tommy. With new threats that are much more lethal coupled with a few old threats that they thought had been eliminated, it’s never been so dangerous for Ghost and his family. Episode 8, titled “Trust Me,” will bring out even more of these secrets and prove that Ghost’s family is in danger right now. Be warned, the following contains Season 3 Power spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what is happening in the next installment of this Starz hit.

The Power Season 3, Episode 8 synopsis for “Trust Me” says “The pressure on Mike and Angela ratchets up as the hunt for the mole intensifies. Angela gets a new lead as to the identity of the mole, while she must scramble to solidify Tommy’s alibi for the Lobos murder. Meanwhile, Tasha receives a warning from a frightening visitor as Tariq makes a dangerous new friend. And as Milan issues an edict to push a new product in the streets, Ghost follows a lead that causes him to question who he can trust. ”

According to recent Power spoilers, as Angela is pressured to give up information about who may have killed Lobos, she is actually the one in the hot seat. Where it says that Ghost follows a lead, it’s likely that he’ll learn about Angela’s relationship with Greg, causing him to trust Angela even less.

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Ghost is trying to get control over his business again, but with Milan in the picture now, it’s very clear that he slipped up, and now everyone is in danger. Ghost doesn’t even want to be the drug kingpin of New York anymore, and now his plans to retire from that life and go legit with his clubs is scrapped. To make matters even worse, Milan’s demands are going to force Ghost to bring drugs into his clubs, something he really never wanted to do because of his desire to go straight and because it’s so risky.

What’s even riskier according to Power spoilers, are the multiple threats coming at Ghost’s family at the same time. Kanan is still alive, and Ghost still doesn’t even know. Now, Kanan is slowly paying back his old foe by befriending Tariq. That is scary because Kanan is so cold-blooded that he killed his own son, so it’s not even debatable whether he’ll kill Ghost’s son, too. Especially after fans watched Kanan kill someone’s grandma last week and we still aren’t sure whose it was, but it’s very likely connected to Ghost.

Tasha will be put in a bad position when Milan walks into one of her new beauty shops. LaKeisha had no idea that Tasha was using the shops as a front for her other, less legitimate businesses but with Milan’s unannounced visit, it will become obvious to LaKeisha very fast. She probably won’t appreciate being put in danger in that way either.

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It’s unclear what will become of Tommy Egan, who was captured last week by Milan’s men and beat within an inch of his life. It’s clear that Milan knows much more about Ghost and Tommy than even they realize. For starters, they are aware that Holly is dead, and it’s pretty safe to say that they know it was Tommy who did it. It’s still not clear why Milan decided to have his men capture and then proceed to beat Tommy unless it’s to let him know that he needs to get back in line and do what he’s told. Tommy is very much a loose cannon and always has been. After all the surveillance Milan has done, he certainly knows that too.

Will Ghost be able to keep his whole family safe? Is Tommy going to survive the brutal attack from Milan’s men? With just three episodes left in Season 3 of Power, spoilers predict that everyone involved in Ghost’s illegal empire is at risk and not everyone will make it to the end.

Power Season 3, Episode 8, “Trust Me,” airs on Sunday, September 4 at 9/8c on Starz.

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