Is ‘Paw Patrol’ Season 3 On Netflix?

As soon as Paw Patrol Season 3 was confirmed, parents of young children wanted to know when it would come to Netflix. Is the wait finally over? Will parents get the relief from the same storylines over and over again?

The great news is Paw Patrol Season 3 is finally on Netflix. The TV Addict confirmed that September 1 would see the arrival of the new episodes of Paw Patrol, but it will only be the first part of the season. At least there is something new in the franchise for children to watch.

Paw Patrol is one of the fastest growing franchises around the world. It centers around six pups and a 10-year-old boy, Ryder, who is in charge. The pups all save the day with their unique skills. German Shepherd Chase is the leader and takes over all police duties. Marshall is the clumsy firefighter (and at times paramedic) Dalmatian. Rubble is the daydreaming construction working English Bulldog, while Rocky is the water-fearing recycling mix breed. Zuma is the Labrador in charge of anything water-based, while Cockapoo Skye controls the skies.

Over the last three seasons, two new dogs have joined the team when necessary. Husky Everest is there for anything snow-based and was introduced in Paw Patrol Season 2. Chihuahua Tracker joined the team in “Tracker Joins the Pups,” and lives in the jungle with Carlos where he can use his skills of bilingualism and super hearing.

Paw Patrol Season 3 has already been available on Amazon Prime, but not all parents want two separate streaming accounts. Waiting for it to come to Netflix seems to have taken forever when the episodes are just 10 minutes long.

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Some of the favorite Paw Patrol episodes have included Season 1 Episode 7, when Farmer Yumi’s carrots disappeared and the pups needed to find the culprit, and Season 2 Episode 6 when the pups believed a ghost was haunting the Lookout Tower. Season 1 Episode 7 was the first introduction of Katie, who has since become a popular character, along with her kittens.

Paw Patrol Season 3 introduced new writers to the team, as well as new opening credits. Everest didn’t have her named mentioned, but she is included in various group shots. She has become a more prominent guest star than Tracker, so far.

The season was supposed to be cut short to only 20 episodes, but in January 2016 there was the announcement on Twitter that it would have the usual 26 episodes. This is a great sign for the future. The season is still going, which is the reason for only Part 1 has been released on Netflix. There is no confirmation date for the end of Season 3 yet.

Season 3 also saw new voices for some of the characters. Stuart Ralston stepped down as the voice of Rocky and was replaced by Samuel Faraci. The voices are different in other parts of the world, as the show focuses on being more local. While a Canadian production, the voices are more British in the UK, with Farmer Yumi having a Yorkshire accent.

Paw Patrol is only available for online streaming in Canada, UK, and Ireland. So far, Paw Patrol Season 3 is only on Netflix Canada. It should be released in the UK and Ireland later this year.

More great news is that Paw Patrol Season 4 Episode 1 has been recorded, and there will be a Season 5. The release dates for both have not yet been confirmed.

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