Demi Lovato Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver To Prank Passengers [Video]

“Demi who?”

Demi Lovato went undercover as an ordinary Lyft driver named Samantha, baiting her unsuspecting passengers in Denver, Colorado, to express their real opinions of her.

The 24 year old pop star took a break from singing on stage to singing in a car while she drove around a few lucky (and unaware) Denver residents, entertaining them with songs from her 2008 movie Camp Rock while trying to provoke them into inadvertently hating on her.

Lovato, who is currently on her tour in Denver with Nick Jonas, donned an elaborate disguise for the video: a simple camouflage hat and aviators.

But even with the very minimal and simple disguise, Demi Lovato managed to trick her Lyft passengers, making one even admit that she might like Lovato’s fellow pop sensation, singer Selena Gomez, better.

Lyft driver Demi Lovato baited one of her passengers in the video, saying “Selena’s so much more talented.”

To which, her passenger glibly replied, “Yeah…”

Continuing and still under her disguise, Lovato said, “She’s [Selena Gomez] got like such a better voice.”

The passenger agreed again, unknowingly dissing the singer who was sitting next to her

Later, after Lovato had revealed herself, the surprised passenger exclaimed, “I just insulted the hell out of you!” while going in for a hug and an apology.

The laughing Demi Lovato, of course, saw the whole thing as the joke that it was and quickly accepted the apology. In fact, Lovato spent a lot of time in Lyft’s video proving that she could laugh at herself.

The pop star poked fun at herself every opportunity she got, mocking everything from her own singing voice (“It sounds like she’s screaming,” she said of her 2015 hit “Confident”) to her appearance (“Her chin looks like a butt,” she confided to one passenger).

With her minimal disguise and many opinions about Demi Lovato, it is a wonder that the singer was not found out. She even made a number of obvious hints that went above her passengers’ heads.

Of her Lyft driver gig, Lovato as Samantha explained that “it’s like a job that’s like, cool for the summer,” slipping in the name of her 2015 hit song “Cool for the Summer.”

Additionally, she also hinted at her identity when she told one passenger, “I’ve actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend’s brother.”

This was “in reference to her current tour with Nick Jonas[,] the younger brother of […] Joe Jonas[,]” whom she dated back in 2010, Variety reports.

This incident is actually a part of the Uber-alternative car-sharing service Lyft’s promotional video series on Youtube – “Undercover Lyft” – that allows celebrities like Demi Lovato to really talk to their fans from under their disguises.

According to 303 Magazine, “The premise [of ‘Undercover Lyft’] is that passengers unknowingly get in the car with their celebrity drivers and the undercover celebrity engages the passengers on their thoughts and feelings on the celebrity itself, only to reveal themselves to the shock of the passengers at the conclusion of the ride. The comedy comes in as the passengers express their unfiltered thoughts and opinions about the person they happen to be riding with.”

Other participants of “Undercover Lyft” include superstars like Shaquille O’Neal, Kris Bryant, and Danica Patrick.

Demi Lovato is currently on her “Future Now Tour” with Nick Jonas and is scheduled to appear next at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on Friday, September 2.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]

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