Did Nick Viall Dump His ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Love Jen Saviano To Be On ‘The Bachelor’?

The wait is finally over! ABC announced this week that Nick Viall will star in the next season of The Bachelor.

The decision to cast Viall for the part came as a surprise to many fans, especially considering Viall’s romance with Jen Saviano on Bachelor in Paradise. Did he dump Saviano to become the next star of The Bachelor?

Parent Herald reports that Viall’s romance with Saviano looked like it was going strong in recent weeks. However, their growing romance will obviously end now that Viall is starring on The Bachelor.

It still isn’t clear why Viall’s relationship with Saviano ended. Whatever the reasons, fans can expect the romance to turn sour as the current season of Bachelor in Paradise starts to wind down.

While things didn’t work out with Saviano, ABC News revealed that Viall is happy with his appearance on the show and doesn’t have any regrets.

“I’m really lucky that Jen showed up because obviously, she’s someone that I really had my eye on,” Viall stated before the Bachelor announcement. “She was one of the most amazing women that I’ve ever met.”

If Saviano was so amazing, then why did Viall dump her in Paradise? Did his negotiations to star on The Bachelor have anything to do with the split?

Hopefully, the answer will be revealed in future episodes. Until then, Viall admitted that he struggled with opening up during his third run at finding love.

“For me, it has been a challenge once I got here to kind of let my guard down,” he shared. “This environment can be very powerful. It can do a lot of great things in terms of accelerating relationships forward and I probably resisted that a little bit more than say some of the other couples. There’s no right or wrong, but for me, I just wasn’t quite willing to step on the gas in that sense, but Jen has been great. She’s awesome.”

According to the Star, a promo trailer for the finale showed Nick Viall picking out an engagement ring, which led to a lot of speculation that he would pop the big question during the show’s finale.

Now, Viall is clearly going to end things with Saviano before Bachelor in Paradise wraps. However, if he was willing to get engaged to Saviano, then why did their romance end so abruptly?

To complicate matters even more, Romper is reporting that Viall and Saviano spent a romantic afternoon making out on the beach while he told cameras he was in love. The two clearly had a connection, and their romance lasted longer than most couples on the show.

Based on Viall’s comments and the fact that he is the next Bachelor, it looks like his romance with Saviano at least ended on a positive note. It isn’t known if the two will part ways next week or wait until the finale to end their relationship. The only thing that is certain is that both reality stars will leave without finding love.

Despite failing for a third time on reality TV, Viall had nothing but good things to say about his brief fling with Saviano.

“I respect Jen tremendously,” Viall shared right before ABC made the Bachelor announcement.

Until more information is revealed, fans will have to wait another week to find out why Viall and Saviano decided their romance wasn’t worth pursuing and whether or not it had anything to do with his future in the franchise.

Fans can watch Viall when new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. The new season of The Bachelor is scheduled to start back up in January.

Tell us! Do you think producers spoiled part of the Bachelor in Paradise finale by announcing Nick Viall is the next Bachelor early? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview below.

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