‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam’s Pursuit Of Steffy Continues, Wyatt Begs Quinn, Katie Reconsiders, And Bill Woos Brooke

Emotional moments are on the way with Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that Katie may be having second thoughts about her divorce, but Bill seems to be fully focused on a future with Brooke. Quinn is scheming to use Ivy’s return to her advantage, and Liam is pushing Steffy hard for a reconciliation. However, Wyatt is scrambling to keep his marriage together. Where are things headed during the September 1 show?

Wyatt has already pressured his mother to walk away from Eric for the sake of his own relationship, and she has resisted. Quinn insists that she has changed, and she deserves happiness with Eric despite the toll it may take on her son’s marriage. Steffy moved out as a result of her grandfather’s controversial affair, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps share that Wyatt will push his mother one more time to change course.

It seems that Wyatt will confront Quinn again, and he will be desperate to convince her to end things with Eric. He has previously tried to reason with her, and in one encounter, he got aggressive and angry, but this time, it sounds as if he will beg instead.

As viewers have seen, Quinn doesn’t want his marriage to fall apart, but she also isn’t willing to let go of her own happiness to please her son. Rather, Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that she is scheming and planning now that Ivy is back in town, and it looks like she’ll be angling to help Wyatt in a different way.

While Wyatt is begging his mother for support, Liam will be putting the pressure on Steffy. Now that she has moved in with her brother and opened up the door to ending her marriage, Liam is determined to woo her back so they might build a future with one another that they had previously envisioned. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will still be holding back.

Steffy will talk about how she is partly to blame for the current situation as she lost faith in their relationship when Liam disappeared. Of course, most of the blame is on Quinn for this due to her antics with hiding Liam away, but it is not as if things were in a good place for Liam and Steffy before he disappeared. Despite all of that, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam will reiterate that he is certain that they will be together again.

Viewers will see Ridge ranting to somebody about the impact that Quinn’s romance with Eric and her presence at Forrester Creations has on his daughter, and he insists that he cannot see this happen. He has been scheming and angling to try to take over the company and change things up, but at this point, he is in a bit of a holding pattern as he waits to see if he will be able to snag Bill’s shares.

Katie and Bill have been working on a divorce settlement, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that she will seemingly take a step back and think about whether she wants to try to save their marriage. Bill and Katie will be having a talk during Thursday’s show, but it looks like he will make it clear that he is moving on and is done working on their union.

Bill has his sights set on Brooke, and he is pulling out all of the stops to convince her to be with him. He has told her that if she marries him, he will hand over the Forrester Creations shares and during the next show, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will woo her with intense talk about how much she means to him. Will she cave and agree to marry him?

Will Steffy reunite with Liam or can Wyatt manage to save his marriage? Will Brooke end up with Bill or can Katie find a way to repair this relationship with her estranged husband? Will Quinn’s schemes with Ivy provide an opportunity for her to help her son and also keep her romance with Eric intact? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that big moments are on the way, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

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