Has One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Got Rid Of His ‘Beard’?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is never far from the gossip columns. With One Direction on hiatus, there hasn’t been much real news about Louis or his bandmates, but that does not stop an endless stream of stories full of speculation about Tomlinson’s private life. In recent months, stories about Tomlinson have centered on three things, Louis’ baby, Freddie Tomlinson, his relationship with Briana Jungwirth and Danielle Campbell, and most recently Tomlinson’s health.

The one thing that binds all of these stories together is that facts are hard to come by. Instead, most current stories about Tomlinson are based on internet rumor and speculation.

Game N Guide is currently speculating that Louis may be suffering from a fatal disease. This claim seems to have originated with One Direction fans after pictures emerged of the 24-year-old star looking pale and gaunt. This is not the first time that fans have been concerned about Tomlinson’s health. As was reported in The Inquisitr at the time, similar claims emerged around the turn of this year when similar pictures of Louis emerged. Fans are understandably worried when Louis appears to be unwell, but there is nothing to suggest any serious health issues. Indeed Louis’ mother, Johannah Deakin took to twitter to reassure fans that Tomlinson is fit and well.

Deakin also asked fans not to rely on a picture of Tomlinson taken by the paparazzi with a harsh flash and “at the wrong time” to make an assessment of Louis state of health.

Louis relationship with actor Danielle Campbell has been the subject of a huge amount of speculation since the two reportedly started dating last December. Game N Guide are claiming that Tomlinson may have split from Campbell as a result of his “critical condition.” Perhaps somewhat oddly the same story reports that Hall Of Fame magazine are saying that rather than splitting Tomlinson and Campbell are now engaged. Bizarrely the original story makes no mention of Louis engagement other than to say “there has been no official statement or confirmation about a wedding” between Louis and Danielle.

Is it any wonder that Tomlinson fans are confused about the status of the young star’s relationships? Of course, many One Direction fans have never believed that Louis’ relationship with Danielle Campbell is real. Fans are convinced that One Direction’s management have pushed Tomlinson and his bandmates into fake relationships for publicity purposes. Many also believe that this is done to hide the fact that Tomlinson is in a relationship with bandmate Harry Styles. Campbell is believed by many to be the latest in a long line of so-called “beards,” a term used to describe someone in a fake relationship with a star to conceal their sexuality.

As Tomlinson fans will be well aware Louis has been spending some time in London to help his sister Lottie to celebrate her birthday. Sugarscape report that Louis spent the night partying with Lottie and friends at the swanky Cirque De Soir club in London. Of course no story about Tomlinson visiting a club is complete without the obligatory snide comment suggesting that Louis is a “party animal.”

When it comes to Louis Tomlinson, there is one thing we know for sure. Louis is constantly pestered by the paparazzi and by well meaning fans desperate to speak to him and have their photograph taken with him. This seems to happen just about every time Tomlinson appears in public. The constant attention must be endlessly frustrating, and whilst the One Direction boys always try to make time for fans there are times when they just want to be left alone to enjoy some privacy. Louis usually reacts with good humor to such requests, but anyone can get a little tetchy at times.

The Sun is reporting that Louis got into “a tiff” with a fan whilst in a club in Ibiza. Interestingly the story actually says that Louis joked with the man telling him to get better shorts. The headline suggests that Louis got into an argument with the man after declining to have his photograph taken with him. The reality seems to be that Louis was polite but his fan got “a bit grumpy.”

“Louis was flanked by security as he watch Craig David DJ. He declined all photos except for a hen party who kept on begging him until he gave in and went ‘oh go on then.’

“After seeing their success, a man tried his luck but when Louis politely declined he got rather grumpy. Louis responded by saying ‘get some better shorts. Those ones are s**t!'”

It seems that Tomlinson was simply trying to defuse the situation using a bit of humor. It is understandable that news outlets want to report on Tomlinson, he is one of the highest profile stars in the music business, but it seems that we may be stuck with stories based on rumor and speculation for some time to come.

[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012]

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