Amy Schumer’s Show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ On Hold To Make Time For Book Promotion

Amy Schumer, the multifaceted celebrity, has launched her new book titled The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, a collection of memories and stories that give readers a glimpse into Amy’s life journey so far. Many people are familiar with Amy Schumer through her on-screen works like Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck, and the comedian’s work has seen her win a WGA Award and a Golden Globe nomination for her work in Trainwreck.

Amy Schumer’s earlier works depict her as a talented writer and a comedian who can make audiences laugh easily, even in this current age of cynicism where many people feel that they have “seen it all before.”

However, the revealing stories featured in Amy Schumer’s new book are more than entertaining. Apart from penning down her thoughts on hilarious themes, Amy Schumer has shared her troubled memories and embarrassing experiences that will help the reader to both understand and identify with the trials and turmoils she has already experienced during her life.

For instance, one of the essays highlights the unpleasant experiences Amy had as a woman when she went on a press tour in Europe and Australia along with Bill Hader, her costar in Trainwreck. The actress’s new book reveals that her tour became a nightmare when many of the foreign journalists bombarded her with questions that were based on the sex scenes featured in Trainwreck. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Amy Schumer wrote about the discomfort she faced when an inquisitive journalist bluntly asked her an offbeat question about sex.

“It was like being with one of those performers who stand on boxes on street corners spray-painted entirely in silver.”

Currently, the actress has put Inside Amy Schumer, her popular show on Comedy Central, on hold as she will be busy promoting her new book. Earlier, there were speculations that Inside Amy Schumer was due to be canceled as it lacked the necessary viewership.

The speculations first surfaced when Comedy Central canceled two shows that faced a similar decline in viewership. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amy Schumer’s comedy show may not be enjoying its earlier levels of viewership, but the show has gained immense popularity on the internet with many of the episodes going viral.

In fact, the popularity of the show can be demonstrated by the fact that its videos have been streamed online more than 83 million times. Amy Schumer reassured her fans on Twitter by confirming that her show hasn’t been canceled and that she will be back for the show’s fifth season, which has already been approved by Comedy Central, and which is scheduled to be broadcast in 2017. Additionally, the Trainwreck star thanked the cable channel for allowing her plenty of spare time to promote her new book.

Apart from addressing her fans’ concerns regarding the show, Amy Schumer has also been dealing with angry fans who expressed their disappointment with the comedian for not dismissing the controversial Kurt Metzger, the comedian who had earlier collaborated with Amy as a writer on Inside Amy Schumer.

Metzger has been in the midst of a social media firestorm due to his controversial social media posts that criticized rape victims who wait for years before breaking their silence. Amy Schumer drew flak from a number of fans who criticized her for continuing to collaborate with Metzger who is also notorious for his offensive rape jokes.

Additionally, many fans have pointed that the comedian’s comments were anti-feminist and were definitely not in line with the spirit of Inside Amy Schumer. According to Slate, women who have been criticizing and urging Amy Schumer to drop her collaboration with Kurt Metzger are enraged because Amy has reportedly blocked them on Twitter.

Amy Schumer went some way towards making amends by stating that she does not stand by Metzger with regard to his offensive posts, however, those fans who had expressed their disappointment and who were blocked for their efforts are in no way satisfied by Schumer’s response.

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