‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Says Goodbye To Series For A Move To Dubai

Just as Ladies Of London Season 4 shooting is wrapped up, star Caroline Stanbury confirmed the rumor that she is renting out her London home and making a trial move to Dubai to spend more time as a family, complete with three children and husband Cem Habib. Caroline Stanbury has been sharing photos of her new home in sunny Dubai with fans on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and the family looks thrilled to be in a warmer climate. But this is causing fans of Ladies of London to wonder if Caroline’s exit means an end to the popular Bravo show.

As soon as it became clear that Caroline Stanbury and family were making the move to Dubai, the buzz started that the show Ladies of London would be canceled, according to the Inquisitr. For Season 4 of Ladies of London, Annabelle Neilson took a pass, and now Stanbury is exiting for a move to Dubai, so it is hard to imagine that the show will be able to stand on its own without two of the original “Ladies,” but stranger things have happened with Bravo shows. Since Caroline Stanbury became the break-out star, maybe she will have a spin-off show on Bravo? Only time will tell.

Caroline Stanbury is now a Lady of Dubai, instead of one of the Ladies of London, as she has made the move to Dubai, at least on a trial run, with her husband Cem Habib and their three children. Stanbury is treating this leap of faith as a big international adventure.


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As Season 4 of Ladies of London wrapped, Stanbury packed up to move house (she is renting out her home in England, and not selling, so just in case, the family can move home to the U.K.) and flew the family to a new beautiful place in Dubai.

Reality Tea says that though she will always be one of the Ladies of London to the core, Caroline is excited to make the move outside of the U.K., and the move to Dubai fit the bill.

“I always wanted to move. I’ve always wanted to live in the sun. Obviously, my home will always be [the] UK and London but why not? I’d love to live in America someday (wink wink).”

But even though the kids are now in their schools in Dubai, Caroline is doing a bit of backpedaling, saying that for now, Dubai is temporary.

“This is just a temporary adventure. We kept the house, which is where we’ll end up. We’ve only rented it out,” she said. “The kids actually can’t wait, and I think they’re more excited than Cem and I, and everyone is up for an adventure.”

With the end of her business, and another season of Ladies of London in the can, Caroline Stanbury is looking forward to a different pace, and maybe a quieter time for her 40th year.

“I’m hoping for a quieter pace. And also we wanted to pick a place where we could travel less and be more with the family.”

To keep in touch with fans, Caroline has launched a sleek site where she can share videos and pics of her new experience. Stanbury also is using it to leave messages for fans while she is “away from home.”

“Well I have moved everyone. The house you all remember in Seasons 1 and 2 of Ladies of London is now rented, I so hope the new tenants enjoy! In the meantime, I am settling in to my new home for the next 8 weeks, and I enlisted the help of my daughter to bring you this video post, I hope you like it! Life is hectic right now living here for the next 8 weeks and then I move to London for a month. Moving is so stressful! It is literally taking everything I have to feel collected! Before our final destination in Dubai but don’t worry I will be back and forth. The children and the dog love the new place they feel it is more cosy. Its full on with the camera here too! (Oh so thrilled to be back everyone!).”

Do you think Ladies of London will survive without Caroline Stanbury?

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