Cheryl Burke Talks Working With Ryan Lochte, Why She Returned To ‘DWTS’

Cheryl Burke has made the big decision to return to the dance floor this season as a pro on Dancing With the Stars. She is paired up with Ryan Lochte, who is trying to repair his image after the scandal at the Rio Olympics. Cheryl Burke wrote a blog about her decision and dancing with Ryan that People shared. It is pretty interesting to hear her side of it. Cheryl is very happy to be dancing with Ryan and to be back on the show again this season.

Cheryl started out explaining what made her quit the show in the first place. The thing is, Cheryl didn’t really quit, but instead just took a break for a bit. Here is what Cheryl Burke had to say.

“As many of you know, I left Dancing with the Stars in 2014. I had started on the show back in season 2 and after 18 seasons, I felt a bit like a robot just repeating the same task with a different partner every six months. So when season 19 ended, I was turning 30 and ready to see what else was out there for me.”

Since her time on Dancing With the Stars, Cheryl Burke has been able to do a couple of other shows and see what is out there. Now Cheryl is returning to the show. Even though she was gone, Burke watched the show and kept in touch with the people. Cheryl Burke went on to explain how crazy things have been since she got back.

“And I have wasted no time diving back in. These first few days back on the show have been crazy! Monday we shot the opening number for the premiere episode in Los Angeles from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and then went straight to the airport, landed, went straight to Good Morning America to reveal the season 23 cast, did a photo shoot and headed right back to the airport and back to L.A. Welcome back, right?”

Even though some people are not happy that Ryan Lochte was cast on the show, Cheryl is happy to be paired with him and things are going great for them. Being an athlete, Cheryl shared that Ryan “shows up on time, ready to work, takes constructive criticism well and wants to keep practicing until he’s perfect.” Cheryl did share that Ryan doesn’t have any dance experience at all. Sometimes when people come on the show, they danced as a child or in a movie, but Ryan doesn’t have this advantage at all. They don’t even know what dance they have yet, but Cheryl is already teaching Ryan a few basic dance moves to get them going.

Yahoo shared that Cheryl Burke also shared her thoughts on rivalries on the show, which of course, come up from time to time. Derek Hough also spoke out saying that no matter what people think, the show is not rigged. Cheryl went on to explain saying, “People are like, ‘Derek has six Mirrorball Trophies!’ But that’s because Derek is talented. When I won my first two seasons, people thought it was being rigged for me!” Maks is back again this season, and it looks like it is going to be a great one on Dancing With the Stars.

Ryan Lochte is going to have to win over the fans to get the votes to stick around for long. The fact that Cheryl Burke is his partner can’t hurt, though. A lot of viewers are happy to see Cheryl back again.

Are you happy to see Cheryl Burke back on the dance floor? Do you think that Ryan Lochte will be able to win over the viewers? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of DWTS when they start airing on ABC on September 12.

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