‘Let’s Fight Ghost’ Concludes With A Lot Of Heart And Excellent Viewership But Fails To Surpass tvN’s Previous Ghost Drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’


On Monday, July 11, the Total Variety Network (tvN) debuted their newest K-drama titled Let’s Fight Ghost. The ghost drama starring Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun had a lot to live up to since it was occupying the day and time slot for tvN’s most successful K-drama for 2016 so far, Another Oh Hae Young. And if that fact wasn’t enough pressure for Let’s Fight Ghost to deal with, it should be noted that Another Oh Hae Young isn’t just the most successful K-drama for tvN in 2016 so far, it is also their most successful K-drama to air on that time slot throughout its company’s history.

Nevertheless, Let’s Fight Ghost took on the challenge steadfast and headfirst as they told the tale of a college man and a ghost girl teaming up to exorcise evil spirits. Earlier this week, Let’s Fight Ghost concluded and it did so with a lot of heart and excellent viewership. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its predecessor. As a matter of fact, it even fell short compared to tvN’s ghost K-drama they aired last year, Oh My Ghostess.

Taecyeon (left) and Kim So Hyun (right) play the main lead characters, respectively in “Let’s Fight Ghost.” [Images via tvN, Edited by Jan Omega]
For those just hearing about Let’s Fight Ghost, also known as Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, despite the fact it was airing for the last two months on tvN, the story is about Kim Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), a middle high school student who did nothing but study all her life. One night, she was killed in an accident the day before her college entrance exams. Hyun Ji wanders the world for years until she meets Park Bong Pal (Taecyeon), a college student who is able to communicate with ghosts and at times exorcises them just for the money. The two team up as exorcists. In return, Park Bong Pal will help Kim Hyun Ji regain her memories which she lost after she died.

The K-drama was favored among fans that it concluded with a decent viewership rating. According to both TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea, the average rating for the nation from both is about 3.597 percent. TNS Media Korea was the only one to record a rating specifically for the Seoul National Capital Area in which the overall average was 3.8 percent.

Park Bo Young, along with Jo Jung Suk and Kim Seul Gie, made up the main cast of popular tvN drama “Oh My Ghostess.” [Image via tvN]
The ratings Let’s Fight Ghost earned are decent especially for a K-drama airing on a Korean cable channel/pay television. But as mentioned earlier, it did not live up to its predecessor Another Oh Hae Young or even last year’s ghost drama which aired on tvN, Oh My Ghostess. It should be noted that Oh My Ghostess barely surpassed Let’s Fight Ghost by just one or two percent.

Ultimately, Let’s Fight Ghost was a success for tvN. Taecyeon delivered a statement thanking the fans for sticking with him and the rest of the cast and crew with the K-drama from start to finish. He also made sure to thank everyone on set too.

“This summer was super hot, but I was happy to be able to bring viewers a bit of coolness through Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight[the other title for Let’s Fight Ghost]. I’m also happy that I met such a great staff and great actors on set. I’m thankful that I was able to show a better side of me in acting, and I hope that you’ll continue to have high expectations for me.”

For those who missed watching Let’s Fight Ghost while it was airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. KST for 16 episodes, the entire series is free to watch, with ads, exclusively on DramaFever. For this week only up until this coming Monday and Tuesday, the final two episodes are exclusive to premium members only.

[Image via tvN]

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