All ‘Prometheus’ Questions Will Be Answered (If You Buy Two Blu-Ray Versions)

The folks running 20th Century Fox are really trying to milk every last penny out of Prometheus that they can. Not only have they been selling the digital copy online weeks before the hard-copy release hits shelves, now they’re promising answers to all of our questions, as long as we agree to buy two versions of the film on Blu-ray.

Seems reasonable, yeah? Invest more money in the summer’s biggest box office disappointment, which was totally an unsubtle Alien prequel, despite the fact that Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof said that Prometheus is totally not an Alien prequel. Honestly, we should have smelled this coming from Lindelof. The guy is a great writer, but the Lost brain trust has a habit of promising answers and never, ever delivering.

Regardless, 20th Century Fox is promising two versions of Prometheus for home video. The first one will be a four-disc collector’s edition, including the theatrical cut, 3D theatrical cut, DVD and digital copy of the movie, two commentaries, five special featurettes, and 15 minutes of deleted scenes. The second will be more of a bare-bones release, with just two discs and no featurettes.

Notes MTV News, “allegedly — allegedly — these special features will offer up answers to some of the many questions we had,” about the film’s confusing and at-times predictable plot. There will be alternate opening and ending scenes, a tease about who the Engineers actually are, and the answer to a relatively simple question: whether or not the planet in Prometheus is the same planet from Alien.

“If we do a sequel to this prequel, we will find out who this race was,” Scott promises in the Blu-ray trailer.

Promises, promises.

Honestly? I probably will buy the four-disc Blu-ray Prometheus. You know why? So that I can shake my head in smug satisfaction when I have exhausted the special features and am still little wiser to the “complexities” of the film, its mythology, and its plot. But mostly because of Michael Fassbender. I love Michael Fassbender. Ridley Scott got lucky casting Michael Fassbender. The man’s stellar performance as the android David is like the film’s emergency ejector seat. “Hey guys, just in case this movie sucks, at least we have the magnetic Michael Fassbender to help people forget and encourage them to buy multiple Blu-Ray releases of our Alien prequel Prometheus.”

I guess the only reason that I, and I believe many, are upset is because this cheap move only justifies the fact that these “questions” should have been answered in the movie the first time around.

Bah! Here’s the trailer for the Blu-ray release of Prometheus.

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