NBA Trade Rumors: Draymond Green To Heat, Chris Bosh To Warriors

Current NBA trade rumors are targeting prominent teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat. If the latest trade buzz turns out to be true, two NBA stars could soon be changing zip codes.

According to the Parent Herald, the Warriors and Heat are discussing a deal that would send forward Draymond Green to Miami in exchange for forward/center Chris Bosh. This potential trade has interesting and multi-faceted ramifications for both Golden State and Miami. In addition to the on-court talents of Green and Bosh, player health (Bosh) and player behavior (Green) would be significant components of this rumored swap.

Draymond Green has become a huge part of the Warriors’ recent success, but he has also begun to show character flaws that are a concern to his current employers. Green was involved in three separate incidents during the 2016 NBA Playoffs in which he was called for flagrant fouls, and each of those actions had a negative impact on his team.

The third flagrant foul was by far the most damaging, as it drew a one-game suspension from the NBA. Due to this, Green missed Game 5 of the NBA Finals and many observers feel that this may have cost Golden State a shot at the 2016 NBA Championship. The Warriors were up 3-1 and looking to close out Cleveland in Game 5 only to lose at home without Green, lose their momentum in the series, and ultimately fall to LeBron James and the Cavaliers in seven games.

Once the season was over, Green’s issues continued. He was arrested and charged with assault and battery when he allegedly punched a Michigan State football player outside a restaurant earlier this summer. Then, Green put himself in an embarrassing position when he accidentally posted a picture of his private parts on his Snapchat account. He claimed that he was hacked, but later admitted he made a mistake by posting this image on his public account.

Chris Bosh does not have any character or behavioral issues that the NBA world is aware of, but there is drama surrounding him nonetheless. Bosh was first diagnosed with blood clots in 2015 and missed a significant portion of that season (38 games) as a result. He came back to play the next season, only to have the blood clots return. He once again had to sit out, missing the final 29 games of the regular season and the entire 2016 NBA Playoffs.


The Miami Heat and Chris Bosh have been at odds over his health problems. Miami is taking a very cautious approach to his health, while Bosh is pushing them to let him play. Bosh is taking blood thinners to treat his medical condition and the Heat are very concerned about putting him on the court while he is taking this medication. Bosh is willing to accept the risks and continue with his basketball career, but he needs approval from the team before he can make his return to the NBA.

There is a recent report from Yahoo! Sports that indicates Chris Bosh will be cleared to participate in Miami’s training camp, which opens later this month. If he is indeed medically cleared, then it will be up to team management to decide if he is allowed to play. Many pundits believe that the Miami Heat may never be willing to take on this potential legal liability and thus might trade Bosh when he is deemed healthy enough to return to basketball.

This rumored trade is clearly intriguing for a variety of reasons, but of course, there is the consideration of how this would actually play out on the basketball floor. These two players don’t have identical skill sets, but they would play similar roles on their new teams if they are dealt for each other. Each would likely be the starting power forward for their new clubs, as they were previously, which simplifies the analysis of their roles if this trade goes through.

One could argue that Draymond Green and Chris Bosh are comparable in terms of talent and ability, although Green is younger and an exceptional passer for a power forward. Bosh is a better and more consistent shooter and scorer, a more accomplished rebounder, and is more proven. Green has essentially had one really strong season as a pro.

Since both teams also have reasons to consider unloading their star forwards, this deal does seem possible and practical. Under NBA rules, the Warriors would have to include another player to make the salary cap numbers work, so that may be enough to cause this trade to fall through. It doesn’t seem probable that Golden State would take a risk on Chris Bosh’s health status if it would cost them Draymond Green and another player, but only Warriors general manager Bob Myers knows for sure.

NBA trade rumors are currently pointing toward a deal between the Warriors and Heat. Do you think the teams will come to an agreement on a trade centered around Draymond Green and Chris Bosh?

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